Ulrika Jonsson reveals that she is “disturbed” after giving away her beloved dog

Ulrika Jonsson opened up to her heartache after giving up on her beloved dog, Fella.

The 53-year-old presenter shared the devastating news on Instagram when she revealed she had been forced to move Fella to another home.

It comes after the star recently lost English bulldog Nessie to kidney problems.

Ulrika Jonsson had to give up her dog Fella (Credit: SplashNews.com)

What did Ulrika Jonsson say?

In the Post, Ulrika stated that tension between her pets increased after her other dog “Leo started making an exception from Fella”.

She shared, “I felt like I was walking on eggshells. In short, I became a nervous wreck.

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“But I couldn’t find a solution – tried many different behavior changes. But nothing has changed. It just got worse. “

However, Leo was later diagnosed with leukemia while Nessie’s kidneys began to fail.

Unfortunately, Ulrika had no choice but to give up Fella.

She also continued, “I sponsored Fella 18 months ago from the wonderful @ theedwardfoundation and then adopted it. He arrived in terrible condition – testicular cancer; Arthritis; damaged gums and teeth; Broken jaw and dementia.

Things were raw and I was upset – I feel like I am failing Fella

“He initially refused to sleep on anything soft. couldn’t even go up or down the stairs; ate dirt and barked like an idiot in corners when he forgot who or where he was.

“But we groomed him to be the boy he is today with nothing but love.”

ulrika jonsson mourns her dog
The host had no choice but to give away her dog (Credit: SplashNews.com)

What happened to Ulrika’s dog?

Ulrika added: “It was my intention for Fella to complete his life journey with me. Circumstances conspired against me and I felt helpless. “

Fortunately, Fella was taken to a loving nursing home not long after Nessie’s death.

She also said, “So I said goodbye to two of my dogs within 24 hours. Things were raw and I was upset. Feel like I’m letting Fella down

“I know he’s in a good home. I love my dogs more than anything. I have lovesickness.”

Ulrika Johnsson
Ulrika recently lost her dog, Nessie (Photo credit: SplashNews.com)

Meanwhile, last month, Ulrika brought the devastating news that her dog, Nessie, had died.

The English bulldog spent 48 hours at the vet after suffering from kidney problems.

To aggravate Ulrika’s heartache, her second rescue dog Leo is also fighting cancer.

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As well as being adorable, Ulrika’s dogs have helped with her mental health issues too.

She told Best magazine, “I suffer from depression, and after a few years of having it, I realized that if I didn’t have these dogs, I might not be here today.”

She also explained: “My dogs are always by my side – they have all seen ups and downs.”

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