Ulrika Jonsson wants women to “own” their mistakes after the Instagram nude photo

After her nude Instagram photo, Ulrika Jonsson wants other women to be able to accept and “own” their faults.

The broadcaster and reality star, 53, said she accepted and even loved her imperfections and that, despite a healthy lifestyle, the aging process is ultimately inevitable.

She recently posed nude on Instagram and said she was nervous at first but eventually hugged her unfiltered body.

Ulrika wants women to be proud of their filterless bodies and imperfections (Image Credit: SplashNews)

What did Ulrika say about her body?

Takes her column in The sunshe wrote, “So I was looking at the no filter pictures we took for @strongmenorg and I can’t avoid the excess skin, the cellulite on the back of my legs, the sagging muscles on my forearm, always mine To see my buttocks getting smaller and my beloved varicose veins, which I had operated on no less than three times.

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“But when my best friend Laura physically held my hand when I hit the ‘Go’ button on Instagram, I felt like I had to accept and own this almost 54-year-old body.

“Own it.”

But the mom of four posed naked for a very important reason – to promote awareness of men’s mental health.

Ulrika Jonsson
Ulrika Jonsson proudly showed off her raw body on Instagram (Image credit: SplashNews)

Her caption read: “To mark the fact that we are getting 150,000 strong on this side, I am exposing myself for @strongmenorguk.”

She tagged her celebrity friends and gave the number for seeking psychological help.

Despite Ulrika’s self-criticism, we think she looks amazing and dozens of her fans commented on how amazing she looks.

How do your Instagram fans react?

One user teased, “You have an OnlyFans? Just kidding. Great thing.”

Another user also praised: “Omg that’s EVERYTHING !!! NO FILTER IN SIGHT! Thank you beautiful lady for your authenticity. “

Meanwhile, a third user claimed, “I almost dropped my phone! You look amazing. Body goals. “

Another user raved: “A real body, no filters, no airbrush … finally.”

Her charity move comes just a month after speaking about the shocking domestic violence she has suffered.

Bring back to her The sun Column praised Mel B for her recent campaign against domestic violence.

She said three men had beaten her in the past.

What did Ulrika Jonsson say about domestic violence?

Ulrika wrote: “I was deeply shaken by her appearance on the Women’s Aid video, which featured domestic violence, and it cheered me up. I can’t deny that it sparked some uncomfortable memories too. “

In the meantime, she went on to describe the horrific attacks she suffered, including the kicks and kicks from her ex, Stan Collymore.

In addition, Ulrika continued, “It is well documented that I was in such a well-known relationship when Premiership footballer Stan Collymore dragged me to the ground and kicked me in the head in a Scottish pub in Paris on the eve of the 1998 World Cup. “

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* If you are affected by this story, you can call the toll free 24 hour domestic abuse line on 0808 2000 247.

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