Umbrella Academy Season 3 episode title confirmed

The Umbrella Academy Season 3 episode titles have been revealed – and they’ll piss off the Hargreeves kids in the future.

At the end of season two, the family returned from 1960s Dallas to discover a world very different from the one they had left behind.

After messing up the timeline, their world apparently no longer exists – and in its place is The Sparrow Academy, seven new superheroes adopted by their cruel adoptive father.

But that’s just the beginning of her problems, because the effects of her so long dwelling in the past are starting to work.

Umbrella Academy is in a lot of trouble this season (Image: Netflix)

As part of Netflix’s Geek Week, showrunner Steve Blackman gave the first clues as to what should come out of the top-secret show – especially the episode names.

What’s coming? Here is the list, see if you can find out.

What are the episode titles?

The next ten episodes are:

  • Meet the family
  • The largest ball of yarn in the world
  • Bag full of lightning bolts
  • Ball lightning
  • Friendly cut
  • Marigold
  • Goodbye
  • Wedding at the end of the world
  • oblivion

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Steve Blackman says the names include teasers on what’s to come – with comic book references for superfans.

There is especially “marigold” – which refers to the spheres of light that the superheroes seem to have created in the first place.

The Umbrella Academy Season 2
What’s Next for Vanya and Diego (Credit: Netflix)

When will the Umbrella Academy season three be released?

The release date of the third season has not yet been announced.

However, filming for the show in Toronto, Canada is already well underway.

The show is expected to drop towards the end of this year.

So plenty of time to read the comics and relive the first two seasons!

The Umbrella Academy is now available on Netflix.

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