Vicky McClure wonders if the show has taken its course.

Vicky McClure, star of the BBC Line of Duty, has sensationally revealed that she sometimes wonders if the hit cop drama has “taken its course”.

With Line of Duty’s sixth series set to start soon, Vicky has revealed that she never wants the show to end.

However, she has moments when she wonders how much longer it can be.

Vicky McClure starts in Line of Duty alongside Martin Compston (Credit: BBC)

What did Vicky McClure say about the BBC Line of Duty?

Vicky made the comments while talking to the Sunday Times.

First, she revealed that she never wants the series to end.

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Then she noticed, however, that she sometimes wonders if it might have “taken its course”.

How much longer can it be? Sometimes you think it has taken its course

Vicky revealed, “We’ll keep going until the audience wants it to end. I’ll be devastated the day it ends. You never expect to be involved in a job with so much love. “

She added, “How much longer can it be? Sometimes you think it has taken its course Every time we come back we say, “What is it? Nancy Brown Jed [Mercurio] do you want to come up with something? ‘But he always has something up his sleeve. “

Vicky McClure on the red carpet
Vicky revealed moments when she wonders if the show has taken its course (Credit: Splash News)

“Level playing field” with “the boys”

Vicky also opened filming for the new series along with co-stars Martin Compston and Adrian Dunbar.

With the new series filmed during the pandemic, the trio had to be three months away from home and loved ones.

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As such, she said she credits them for staying healthy while filming.

Vicky added that she has never been away from home for so long.

She said everything in Belfast, where the new series was filmed, was closed “but we had each other and it really got us through”.

Vicky also revealed that things are very similar on the BBC series.

She confirmed: “Me, Martin and Ady are very much at eye level, we will be paid the same.”

Cast line of duty
Vicky, Martin and Adrian will soon be returning with newcomer Shalon Brune-Franklin (Credit: BBC).

When is Line of Duty returning?

A start date of the series has not yet been confirmed.

However, Adrian Dunbar has dropped some pointers in recent interviews.

Last month he said it would be released in the next “two or three months”.

He also confirmed that this series would contain seven instead of the usual six.

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