Viewers brand Dick and Dom “unbearable” to see

Dick and Dom were on pointless celebrities and some viewers found it difficult to see their looks.

The popular BBC quiz show has an army of fans, and comedy duo Dick and Dom have turned themselves on the wrong side this week.

The episode featured Gok Wan, Brian Conley, Richard McCourt, Dominic Wood, Libby Clegg, Stef Reid, Stephen K. Amos and Zoe Lyons.

Dick and Dom rubbed some pointless viewers the wrong way (Credit: BBC)

Dick & Dom annoy senseless viewers

However, all eyes seemed to be focused on Dick and Dom.

The two are known for their cheeky antics, but unfortunately some viewers were not entertained.

During the show, many fans rushed to Twitter to find out about the couple’s behavior.

“Armstrong looked stressed this episode, probably because of Thick and cathedral #pointlesscelebrities, “said one viewer.

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A second tweet: “They all looked bored when they heard Dick and Dom roar on! # pointless celebrities. “

To make matters worse, the two were in the finals.

“Oh no, now we have Thick and Dom staggers away in the finale #pointlesscelebrities “, said a third viewer.

A fourth scolded: “Thick and Dom watched #PointlessCelebrities tonight more of an endurance test than it should have been. “

While a fifth joked: “Armstrong wants to hit Thick and cathedral #pointlesscelebrities ”.

Someone else called them “unbearable”.

Viewers said that even the presenters looked exhausted with the couple (Credit: BBC)

Tamara Beckwith distracts viewers from pointless celebrities

Tamara Beckwith really excelled on a recent episode of the BBC show.

Unfortunately, it was for the completely wrong reason.

The 50-year-old celebrity didn’t appear to be wearing a bra.

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Tamara caught viewers’ attention (Photo credit: BBC)

“#pointless Is it freezing in this studio? Tamara. #pointlesscelebrities, “joked one viewer.

“Tamara Beckwith is definitely not # pointless “, laughed another.

Poor Tamara!

Tamara rose to fame in the 90s alongside her buddy the late Tara Palmer-Tomkinson.

They spent their lives darting from posh restaurants to exclusive nightclubs, much like Paris Hilton in the US.

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