Viewers don’t like Martin Compston as a villain

Its rerun began last night (Monday June 7) on ITV’s Plain Sight and viewers “hated” seeing Line of Duty star Martin Compston as the villain.

The four-part series tells the story of the Scottish serial killer Peter Manuel, who killed seven people in the 1950s.

And Manuel plays Martin, whom the audience is so used to seeing good boys play.

Martin plays against Guy in In Plain Sight (Image: ITV)

What is “In Plain Sight” on ITV about?

The 2016 series tells the story of Manuel and the cop William Muncie (Douglas Henshall).

In search of the murderer who is wreaking havoc in Lanarkshire, the two get caught in an obsessive game of cat and mouse.

When he played Manuel, the serial killer, 37-year-old Martin told him Radio times: “These things are hard to say, but from a purely acting point of view it’s an amazing role, the challenge of doing it all.

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“But you need to remember that all of his victims have families who loved them who are still alive. It can’t be all that he is mocking the police and being bold.

“A scene that I thought was very important was [victim] Isabelle Cooke, just dance.

“It is the image of life, the epitome of youth. These people shouldn’t be defined just as his victims. They were real people who had a life. “

How did the audience react to Martin in In Plain Sight?

After viewers saw Martin play cocky, creepy, and deeply narcissistic Peter Manuel, viewers took to Twitter to express their shock at his performance.

They really didn’t like seeing him play an evil character, especially after Line of Duty.

One viewer wrote: “#inplainsight not sure I like #Martin_compston as the villain! Brilliant performance … chill! “

In sight ITV
The audience didn’t like Martin as a villain! (Photo credit: ITV1)

Another said, “When I see #inplainsight, I just want Steve Arnott back.

“I hate seeing @martin_compston as the bad guy !! But shows what a good actor he is … “

A third commented, “I think #inplainsight is the first time I’ve hated @martin_compston’s character.

“I usually love all the characters he plays because most of them are good, but not this one!”

In a clear view of ITV
Martin chilled viewers as Scottish serial killer Peter Manuel (Credit: ITV / YouTube)

“Terrible Decision”

The harrowing story may have kept viewers on the edge of their seats, but it was another tough watch for the families of Manuel’s victims.

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Relatives of Marion Watt and Margaret Brown protested at ITV against the decision to repeat the series.

“All we want is for someone to stop this terrible decision,” said a relative.

Episode two of In Plain Sight continues tonight (Tuesday June 8th) at 9 p.m. on ITV

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