Viewers make the same joke about Alan Partridgeridge

GMB viewers all make the same joke about Richard Madeley – that he’s the real Alan Partridge.

TV legend Richard, 65, is guest co-host on the ITV breakfast show this week.

But his bizarre, often random comments and descriptions of news and their people have once again led viewers to compare him to Steve Coogan’s fictional cartoon character.

Richard stepped in as a co-host this week (Image: ITV)

What happened to Richard Madeley at GMB today?

On today’s edition of the show (Tuesday, June 8), Richard reunited with Dr. Hilary Jones on coronavirus restrictions.

After Sir Patrick Vallance and Dr. Chris Whitty had delivered some sobering news of the surge in cases, co-host Susanna Reid asked, “Chris Whitty and Sir Patrick Valance – what did you call them Richard?”

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“The Chuckle Brothers!” he answered.

After Susanna added her thoughts, Richard turned to Dr. Hilary and sniffed, “You will agree with me, won’t you?”

“I am,” the doc replied before outlining his arguments.

And it wasn’t long before viewers used Twitter again to compare Richard and Alan.

How did the audience react?

One viewer said on the social media site, “It’s too early in the morning for Alan Partridge.

“Oh wait, it’s Richard Madeley #GMB”.

Another wrote: “This is how Richard Madeley channels his inner Alan Partridge on #GMB”.

A third chuckled: “Alan Partridge presents @GMB is the best [thing] that happened to the show! “

Richard Madeley on GMB
Aha! Is it Richard or is it Alan? (Photo credit: BBC / YouTube)

A fourth wasn’t so jovial, however.

“#Richardmadeley is either trying to spice up controversial television to fill the stinking void left by idiotic fanatic #PiersMorgan, or he’s a real Alan Partridge.

“Anyway, #GMB has long since passed its greeting and should be closed. It’s trash TV. “

Richard Madeley on GMB
Richard bumped into Dr. Hilary together (Image credit: ITV)

What happened yesterday between Richard and Dr. Hilary happened?

Today’s comparisons come after Richard spoke to Dr. Hilary had crashed.

Hilary said the country may have to adhere to social distancing and mask wearing for a while longer.

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Richard said, “But Hilary, it will be months and months before the whole country is vaccinated. So are we going to stay like this until autumn? “

After the doctor said it would be a nuisance, Richard replied, “It’s more than a nuisance!”

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