Viewers share theories after episode 2

Channel 5’s The Drowning continued last night (Tuesday February 2) and viewers have set out their theories about the truth behind Tom’s disappearance.

In the identity drama, former EastEnders actress Jill Halfpenny character, Jodie, seeks answers about what happened to her son.

Tom is said to have drowned 10 years ago, but in the first episode she saw a teenager named Daniel and was sure it was her boy, especially since he had the same curved scar under his eyes.

Warning! Spoilers ahead for episode two.

The drowning continued last night and viewers shared their theories (Credit: Channel 5)

What happened in the second episode of Channel 5’s The Drowning series?

In the second episode, Jodie got closer to the teenager after getting a job at Daniel’s (Cody Molko) school with a fake DBS certificate in the first episode.

She learned more about his close relationship with his strict father, Mark (Rupert Penry-Jones).

Rupert Penry-Jones as Mark in The Drowning (Image credit: Channel 5)

Her family, meanwhile, took steps to have Tom officially declared dead.

But Jodie wouldn’t have it and be annoyed with her mother Lynn (Deborah Findlay), her brother Jason (Jonas Armstrong), her ex, Tom’s father Ben (Dara Devaney) and Ben’s new partner, Jodie’s ex-girlfriend Kate (Deirdre Mullins) .

At the end of the episode, Jodie recorded Daniel after rowing over his dead mother with his father. Daniel complained that Mark never talks about her. Subsequently, he also revealed that he can’t remember anything when he was four years old – around the time his mother died.

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At Jodie, Daniel said he thought he was her son.

Jodie picked up Daniel after running away from home (Credit: Channel 5)

Theories about drowning after episode two

On Twitter, viewers revealed their theories about what was going on.

Jodie hurt Tom

Some said they think Daniel wouldn’t turn out to be Tom.

A number of viewers believe Jodie injured Tom and suspect that the family is hiding his new identity to protect him.

Kate killed Jodie’s son

Others believe Ben’s new partner, Kate, killed Tom.

This would have allowed her to get closer to Jodie’s then husband and steal him.

My theory – your son is dead and family members know what happened.

Miss Towne knows something

Some viewers believe that Miss Towne knows something about Daniel’s true identity.

She was unusually suspicious of Jodie from the start and protected Daniel.

Jason was involved in Tom’s disappearance

Another theory is that Jodie’s brother Jason had something to do with it.

By this point, viewers know that Jodie and her family were at a lake when Tom allegedly walked in the water and drowned, even though they never found a body.

They also know that there was another couple at the lake that day that the family cannot identify.

Tom witnessed something he shouldn’t have

Others have suggested that Mark killed his wife – and Tom saw something incriminating while he was at the lake with his family.

Viewers have suggested that Mark kidnapped Tom to keep him calm.

Some viewers suspect Jodie injured her son Tom (Credit: Channel 5)

What are Channel 5 viewers saying about the series?

One tweeted: “#TheDrowning, why is this other teacher so interested in her? I think she is the father’s partner. “

A second wrote, “I think it has something to do with brother Jason … #TheDrowning.”

A third viewer said, “My theory – your son is dead and family members know what happened; Daniel can’t remember anything until he was four years old because his father killed his mother or the mother tried to kill Daniel and was imprisoned. #TheDrowning. “

Jodie’s brother Jason is also a suspect in the eyes of viewers (Credit: Channel 5)

A fourth sentence: “So many theories. I’m going to go to the ex-best friend who poked the husband. She expects to get rid of Tom, to get the guy. Four-year-old Tom would trust her and take her to the lake. “

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“The latest theory here is that she had a breakdown and injured her son, which caused scars on his face,” said a fifth. “Family who pretend he’s dead to protect her. I am sure that will change. “

Another tweeted, “My theory so far – Jodie has done something very bad in the past and the child was taken away from her, the whole family knows it’s easier to make them believe he’s dead.”

Someone else asked, “Everyone else is thinking [Miss Towne] know more about Tom / Daniel than she reveals? #TheDrowning. “

One viewer suggested: “Maybe Mark killed / buried his wife by the lake, Tom went away and witnessed it, so Mark kept him as his own son.”

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