Viewers shocked at the reveal of Carson Grimes

The viewers of 24 hours in police custody were furious last night (Monday 11 October) after one of the most harrowing episodes in its history.

The episode featured the case of Carson Grimes who became Bedfordshire’s most prolific pedophile.

However, when viewers saw that a jury had not convicted him of criminal offenses despite forensic evidence, they couldn’t believe what they were seeing.


Grimes outraged viewers (Credit: Channel 4)

What did Carson Grimes do and what happened in police custody in 24 hours?

Carson Grimes, now 65, hunted down vulnerable children ages four to 15.

From 1982 to 2002 he carried out his hideous care and abuse in Luton.

Subsequently, he was referred to by survivors as the “House of Secrets” and he drugged children on the fringes of society to do his evil ways with them.

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Yet he had been arrested eight times in the past for criminal offenses.

Thanks to the tireless work of the Bedfordshire Police, he appeared in court in 2008.

However, despite extensive forensic evidence, a jury found him not guilty.

How did the audience react to the shocking disappointment?

Viewers were already a tough and difficult watch when they saw Grimes escape justice.

One wrote angrily: “I swear they choose the dumbest people in society to be on the jury.

“How can you find a rape drug in a jar and the suspect’s semen in the victim’s anus and still find him not guilty ?! # 24 hours in police custody. “

Another used a gif of the muppets and said, “What kind of jury found him guilty?”

A third was annoyed: “I hope the jury that found him not guilty in his first trial will be watching # 24hoursinpolicecustody tonight.”

Finally, a fourth commented, “How can you have so much forensic evidence and still not be found guilty?

“Damn shocking!”

Carson Grimes in police custody in 24 hours
Carson Grimes in the episode (Credit: Channel 4)

What happens next to Carson Grimes?

In July of that year, a jury found him guilty of 36 attacks and 11 rapes.

Grimes was also found guilty of indecent assault on 11 counts.

There were also eight cases of buggery and six cases of indecency with a child.

The prosecutor said, “The depraved actions of Grimes have traumatized its victims.

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“I commend and thank you for your courage to relive difficult memories in order to bring your attacker to justice.”

Grimes will then receive his sentence tomorrow (Wednesday October 13th).

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