Viewers shocked by the turnaround and “didn’t see it coming”

The long call on ITV continued last night (Oct. 27), dropping a big twist.

So much so, viewers expressed their shock at the turn of events and many said they “didn’t see it coming”.


Who saw Ed as a false stranger? (Photo credit: ITV)

What happened in yesterday’s episode of The Long Call on ITV?

In the third episode of yesterday night – the penultimate part of the series – a number of people were involved in the murder of Simon Walden.

Christopher Reasley was featured as the prime suspect, especially when he bought the necklace for Rosa.

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And Rosa herself, with gentle encouragement from Grace, told the story of her abduction, telling Matthew Venn and Jen that she had been sexually assaulted at Woodyard.

Then she dropped the bomb – it was nice Ed who attacked her.

How did the audience react to the twist?

Viewers soon took to Twitter to express their shock at the turnaround.

One wrote: “Admittedly, I didn’t see the Ed twist coming. I think it was too good to be true #TheLongCall. “

Another shouted, “Well, that was an unexpected turn! Suddenly gets better. #thelongcall ”

A third said, “Well, that woke me up. Ed, didn’t see that coming. “

Finally, another viewer wrote, “Damn it, Ed, I wasn’t expecting that [red faced emojis]. “

The audience was stunned by the twist in The Long Call
Shady Dennis and Grace (Image: ITV)

Who Murdered Simon Walden?

While Ed was picked up by the police after his girlfriend Caroline abandoned him, the question remained: Who killed Simon Walden?

Everything pointed to the church group leader Dennis as his domineering nature slowly emerged.

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With Matthew pressuring Grace, there is hope that she will finally break down and tell the truth about her husband.

The final part airs tonight (October 28th) at 9 p.m. on ITV.

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