Viewers unhappy about interview with quarantined tourists

The Lorraine spectators were furious at a vacationer who groaned at having to isolate himself today (Monday 19 July) in a quarantine hotel in Mallorca.

Ranvir Singh, host for the summer while Lorraine Kelly is on vacation, interviewed the young woman right from her hotel room.

But the audience had little understanding and hit her for moaning – especially since she knew the risks.

Ranvir interviewed Gabriella today (Image credit: ITV)

What happened in Lorraine today?

Gabriella flew to Mallorca 12 days ago for a four-day vacation with her best friend Georgia when the country was on the green list.

Unfortunately, Georgia caught Covid and the couple are now isolating themselves at another hotel run by the local hospital.

You don’t have to pay for your accommodation.

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“To be honest, it’s just awful,” said Gabriella.

“I mean, we did facetimes with our friends and family, but the amount of tears me and Georgia had – like hysterical crying – [has even been] to the point where we can’t even see each other because we don’t want to be upset. “

Lorraine today
Gabriella described her experience at the quarantine hotel (Image: ITV)

She added: “We knew what we were getting into, we are not looking for sympathy.

“It’s more of a warning to everyone.

“But it will have a massive impact. Another 10 days without a walk or fresh air. “

What did the audience think of Georgia?

Spectators weren’t happy with Gabriella when she described her terms.

One on Twitter wrote: “The warning should be – do not go on vacation during a global pandemic.”

Another said: “So people in the UK are still losing their jobs and homes because of Covid, but they are talking to a girl who is stuck in a hotel for 11 days because she decided to go on vacation during a pandemic !

“Get a grip on yourself and start talking to those who are really in a bad place! # Lorraine. “

A third was annoyed: “You have decided to go on vacation. Now you need to be quarantined in a hotel for free.

“Now are you complaining about the hotel and the food? Others in the UK don’t go on TV to moan when quarantined? # Lorraine. “

Lorraine today
Dr. Hilary asked if it was worth it (Image credit: ITV)

What else happened during the interview?

However, it wasn’t just Gabriella that viewers were angry at.

Dr. Hilary, who asked her if it was all worth it for a four-day vacation.

One viewer said, “Does Hillary have to be so complacent to this young girl? #lorraine @lorraine. “

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Another said, “Why is Dr. Hilary so complacent and rude?

“People were allowed to go to Mallorca and make their own decisions, it’s just a shame that something like this happened to these girls.

“I think this isolation is punishment enough without offending the injury.”

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