Vijay Sethupathi publishes the motion poster for India’s first 4 × 4 Mud Race film MUDDY

Muddy is India’s first off-road mud racing film, an innovative and unprecedented experience with the vision of a debut filmmaker, Dr. Pragabhal, who cinematically explores the street that is not less traveled by any filmmaker.

Mud racing is a form of off-road motorsport and it will be exciting to experience this with all the cinematic themes. ‘Muddy’ is one of a kind and that’s what the audience is looking for. Directed by a newcomer, Dr. Pragabhal, and funded by Prema Krishnadas under the banner of PK7 Creations. An adventurous action thriller that will prove to be unsurpassed. It was born out of the director’s love for adventure and off-road racing, with which he is closely associated.

Dr. Pragabhal has spent five years doing extensive research and writing a story about the rivalry between different teams. A fusion of revenge, family drama, humor and adventure that weave the threads of this film. He says: “I trained the main characters in off-road racing, we didn’t use dupes. I wanted guys who were adventurous and willing to put the time and energy into the film. “

The director also said in a statement: “The biggest challenge before me was to introduce viewers to a sport like mud racing without losing its thrill and clout.” Since the concept of the mud race is new to Indian cinema and its audiences, the film had no references for making it, which also means that making it wasn’t a breeze. Mud races and stunts in the mud were filmed realistically. This will be a new experience for the viewers, he added.

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Actors in leading roles spent two years gaining real-time experience in mud racing. It took the director more than a year to look for suitable locations. Some undiscovered and interesting places will be featured in the film. While the film features three different patterns of Mud Race, all of which were choreographed by the director, costly modified vehicles were used to achieve the real mud race ambiance. “Not just to create a camera, but also to let the local people know what a real 4 × 4 off-road mud race is, I ran a mud race for two days,” added Dr. Pragabhal added.

What is interesting to note is that no dupes or stunt artists were used to perform adventurous stunts. ‘Muddy’ is a comprehensive action thriller in the mud racing genre. Give the audience a great story for them to enjoy. The film’s technical team consists of KGF fame Ravi Basrur for music, Ratsasan fame San Lokesh for editing, colorist Ranga and Hollywood fame KG Ratheesh for camera.

The teaser for this unique adventure of a film will be released on February 26, 2021. Yuvan, Ridhaan Krishna, Anusha Suresh and Amit Sivadas Nair are the film’s main artists, and Harish Peradi, IM Vijayan and Renji Panicker will be starring in the lead roles.

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