Vijay Varma’s style is here to inspire some seriously cool clothing

Vijay Varma’s rise as an actor has been phenomenal as he recently gave us another spectacular performance in Ok Computer. However, it is his fashion game that is equally laudable as he can effortlessly produce a varied range of looks. Not only are his clothes and combinations on point, he also seems to have a pair of trainers for every occasion and look. Here you can see 5 outfits of the talented actor that will inspire your look from everyday to glamorous everyday life:

1. The sporty cool

Vijay did a subtle look in a sporty yet casual outfit for his birthday and looked super chic in the process. He put on a red, blue, and gray windbreaker and black straight pants, and matched his shoes with red, blue, and white sneakers. This style is sure to grab the attention of its young followers who might wear the look sway like Vijay. /? Igshid =1as84006m59ke

2. The oversized clothes

People usually don’t feel as comfortable experimenting with their dressing as they step into Vijay, which has unwittingly influenced a whole new style of clothing thanks to its oversized brown and blue jacket with matching blue shirt and brown oversized pants. Combined with a locket and earring, Vijay gives a whole new meaning to life in king size. And of course he has perfect sneakers for his clothes as he wore a shade of blue and purple to complete this powerful look. /? Igshid =1dmtjwk267nwb

3. The unorthodox contrast

Some fashion statements speak more than others, just like this style where Vijay pairs gray loose-fitting pants with a double-shaded cool blue jacket and a plain t-shirt underneath. He completes this contrasting look with black and white sneakers and a touch of orange and neon green and gives the word “bold” a new meaning with his eye-catching clothing. /? Igshid =ydsxckzza8v6

4. The swag and class look

No list of fashion statements is complete without a formal, classic, old-school look. Vijay looks great in this gray plaid blazer paired with black striped pants and another gorgeous pair of white sneakers. He added the Vijay loot and wore fox-eye glasses and silver rivets. For any glamorous day, this simply charming look is the way to go. /? Igshid =98n15yciaij

5. Stay casual

Vijay is here to inspire the millennials in this super cool yet casual look. Vijay combines this look with his towering sneakers by pairing slightly sturdy blue jeans with a black t-shirt in orange text. These black sneakers come in various shades of blue, pink, neon green to orange. From a college look to a day trip with friends, this look is perfect for all occasions. /? Igshid =11ypthgznpmob

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