Vikash Verma’s No Means No is out now on June 17th, 2022

Heavy-budget director of No Means No Vikash Verma recently tweeted that a decision had been made to postpone the movie’s release date. Originally planned for publication on November 5, sources now say that the reason could be a new variant of the novel corona virus, the AY .4.2. which caused an inescapable fear among people who were reluctant to visit the theaters and cinemas even when it opened.

According to recent reports on films that have hit theaters in recent weeks, the number of people in theaters is drastically lower than it was before Covid and even lower than expected after the theaters reopened. This has resulted in some films having a slow and waning response after release. Perhaps this is also the reason why some of the big names like Prithviraj, RRR, KGF 2 etc. have already postponed their release dates as well.

Although the film is highly anticipated in Europe, the fight sequences from Action Hero, Dhruv Verma are already making headlines in European film magazines and news, especially in Poland. Another reason for the delay of No Means No is the start of the fourth wave of Corona Virus and the spread of the new variant. On October 29, Russia is already under lockdown due to the spike in Covid cases and the date associated with it. Travel restrictions have also become stricter as tourists are subjected to strict quarantine upon arrival in Europe. The production had always planned a worldwide release of the film and the current scenario makes it very difficult to release not only in India but also in Europe.

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No Means No is the first Indo-Polish film joint venture and the majority of the film was shot in Poland. In addition to action hero Dhruv Verma, the cast of the film also has some Bollywood heavyweights and veterans like Gulshan Grover, Sharad Kapoor, Deepraj Rana, Neetu Chandra, and some new faces like Kat Kristan and Anna Adore. Well-known Polish actress Anna Guzik and other Polish actors are Natalia Bak, Sylwia Czech, Jerzy Handzlik and Pawel Czech. Film critics who already rave about the film say that this action-packed love story based on skiing will for the first time introduce the snow-capped mountains, the culture and beauty of Poland to the Indian audience, and it will be unique in a way too. And so it is only fair that the film is enjoyed on the big screen.