Vinny Dingle discovers Paul Ashdale’s plan for Liv

In Emmerdale next week, Vinny Dingle will discover his father Paul Ashdale’s terrible plan for Liv Flaherty.

ITV soap fans know that Paul has long since hid his resurgent gambling addiction and debt to borrow Hai Connor.

Vinny knows what Paul did – and what he wants (Credit: ITV)

He even went so far as to set up his own fake abduction to get Vinny’s friend Liv out of her inheritance.

And although this has remained a secret in the village, it will change.

Next week, Paul is going to make a mistake with his lies about the kidnapping.

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The next day, Vinny tells Liv about the inconsistencies in his father’s kidnapping story. It soon becomes clear that Vinny is starting to suspect that he was lying.

Meanwhile, Mandy’s hen is on her way.

At the deer, Vinny takes a moment and tells Paul that he saw the van in which he was kidnapped at the junkyard.

Paul panics and calls Connor.

But Vinny overhears the call and realizes that Paul wasn’t kidnapped.

He realizes that Paul arranged the kidnapping to get Liv out of her inheritance.

Will Paul kill his son Vinny Dingle? (Photo credit: ITV)

Emmerdale: will Paul kill son Vinny Dingle?

When Vinny declares that he is going to tell Mandy the truth, Paul’s behavior hardens.

A frightened Vinny pulls back when an awkward Paul walks up to him.

Soon Paul knocks his son to the ground, where he viciously beats him.

Is Vinny dead? (Photo credit: ITV)

Vinny is lying on the floor, unconscious, blood dripping from his mouth.

Paul stares at an unconscious Vinny, convinced that he killed him.

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Will Vinny be fine or did Paul kill him?

Emmerdale bosses have already confirmed that the plot will culminate in tragedy for one character.

Producer Laura Shaw teased, “I can’t say more about this, but I can tell you that this story will ultimately end in tragedy for at least one of our characters – but the question is who?”

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