Vixen reveals the nickname she vigorously rejected


Chase star Jenny Ryan revealed the nickname she turned down before she became known as The Vixen.

Bolton-born star Jenny, 38, is a huge hit with viewers.

But there was a time when The Vixen could have been called something completely different.

Jenny was almost the cougar (Credit: ITV)

For Jenny Ryan in The Chase, it was almost so different

Jenny revealed it all in a recent episode of Lorraine.

She said to the host, “Bradley [Walsh] came up with The Vixen, because of the red hair it looks like a fox brush.

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“And foxes are really intelligent animals and really cunning and they could be pretty quick.”

However, she also revealed that the producers originally intended to name her The Cougar.

Jenny Ryan reveals what her nickname would have been if she hadn't been called The Vixen
Jenny Ryan is way too young to be The Cougar (Credit: ITV)

“When I first started I had a test run, a little screen test in the studio with Brad Hosting,” explained Jenny.

“I had my hair in that big ponytail. The producers were trying to figure out what my nickname should be and they wanted something animal because I like a lot of animal prints.

They suggested The Cougar and I said no because I’m too young to be a cougar.

“And they suggested The Cougar, and I said no, because I’m too young to be a cougar.”

It feels like you made the right choice with The Vixen – can you imagine Jenny going to The Cougar on every episode ?!

Jenny Ryan on The Chase
Jenny hit back on the troll (Credit: ITV)

What else did Jenny do?

The vixen’s reputation for being smart and fierce was challenged earlier this month.

A troll branded her a “condescending cow” and “loathsome woman” after one episode and even demanded her release.

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Jenny hit back and said, “It’s always good to have a heads-up when someone has asked the company I work for to fire me.

“PS. If you think I’m condescending on the show, then you don’t know half of it. “

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