Voice actor Sanket Mhatre speaks about dubbing for South Indian films ahead of the release of Chakra Ka Rakshak

We have been watching dubbed South Indian language films on television for years. Many of us enjoy watching the hero take a punch in Hindi and with the dubbed films that have been released in theaters in Hindi in recent years. it opened a new market for these films. While we know that Sharad Kelkar became the voice of Prabhas for the Hindi version of Bahubali, people may not be aware that there are few dubbing artists who work professionally as dubbing artists for these South Indian films. We met Sanket Mhatre, who has dubbed many of the lead cast including Rajinikanth for her Hindi dubbed films.

1. How did you get into dubbing for Südfilme?

About 14 years ago I started to vote for characters in English films for their Hindi-dubbed version. I also did voiceovers for animated films and documentaries for Discovery Channel. About 8-9 years ago, when there was a boom in viewership of South Indian language films, I started dubbing for their Hindi version. I think because I’ve spoken for actors like Brad Pitt, Ryan Reynolds, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt, to name a few, the studios noticed me and got me on board for dubbing southern films.

2. What was the first big film that you dubbed for?

I started speaking for quite a few of the biggies in the southern industry, and some of the films were pretty big hits in the south. “Magadheera”, where I dubbed Ram Charan Teja, was one of them.

3. Have you ever received a response from the actors about your voice used for their character in a movie?

Funnily enough, I never interacted directly with the actors I voiced for. I have received feedback from studios or producers / directors that my work was valued by the team. I would love to interact with the actor before working as this would give the voice a new perspective.

4. How many films do you dub approximately in a year?

On average, I dub around 20-30 South Hindi films and maybe 10-20 English Hindi films in a year.

5. How was it for Vishal in the chakra? Do you think of your mannerisms when you dub it?

It’s always fun to speak for him, his outstanding personality adds to the character. Especially when he’s playing a tough cop or a military officer. I have spoken for him in a number of films including Ayogya, Aambala, Pattathu Yanai, Villian, and Irumbu Thirai. I try to match his style, which I think is very loose, and his intensity for action scenes.

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