Voice host Emma Willis reveals the real reason for her short hair

Spokeswoman Emma Willis has revealed the real reason for her short hair – and it turns out it all has to do with being pregnant.

The popular presenter has become known for her stylish hairstyle over the years.

But some fans have always wondered why sometimes she never changed it.

Now we finally know!

Emma Willis revealed why she always keeps her hair short (Credit: ITV)

Why does the Voice host Emma Willis have short hair?

The beautiful mother of three confessed that everything depends on her children.

Emma revealed at Loose Women that a major side effect of her pregnancy was that she had lost a lot of hair.

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She told her co-hosts, “I noticed that my hair was getting really thinner – another thing I didn’t know about my first pregnancy was how much hair you could lose afterwards.

“I’ve lost so much of it which is why I always cut my hair short because it really didn’t exist, wasn’t worth growing, so I cut it off.”

Emma also revealed her other pregnancy grumbles.

“I had a little reflux in one, a little heartburn in another. But what I’ve had every time that I had never heard of then is my gag reflex. It was shocking.

“Brushing my teeth was almost impossible. Every time I approached my back teeth, I convulsed because my gag reflex was increased, ”added the star.

Emma Willis on loose women
Emma’s hair kept falling out (Image credit: ITV)

Fans want Emma all day at Loose Women

Emma is not an integral part of Loose Women.

The former Big Brother host just came by as an innkeeper.

But it turns out fans are interested in having her back all day.

“I just saw @loosewomen. Is there any chance they can make @EmmaWillis a permanent anchor? It fits in perfectly, ”said one viewer.

A second tweet: “Please keep @EmmaWillis as a regular anchor on the show.”

“Such a breath of fresh air today and it felt like a different show. Emma loved very comforting and fun, ”added a third fan.

Experience Emma on The Voice, Saturdays at 8.30 p.m. on ITV.

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