We have planned a 14-day, strict shoot with many precautionary measures: Producer Chitra Vakil Sharma on the filming of ‘Tandoor’

Chitra Vakil Sharma and Chandni Soni will publish their production project “Tandoor”. The show streamed on Ullu was directed by Nivedita Basu. The web series was released shortly after the lockdown was lifted in Maharasthra and the government gave a green signal to restart the shootings. And Sharma revealed that while challenging, they managed to finish filming with zero cases on set.

Sharing her experience, she said, “We started filming right after the COVID lockdown was lifted and the industry was still up and running. We planned a 14 day rigorous shoot with lots of precautionary measures and I had to make sure COVID-19 was kept at bay from my set. We had to make sure there were no COVID cases on set and sticking to the schedules was only possible as we did our preproduction very well. “

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She added, “Also, Nivedita knew what she wanted when the shot started, so it made it pretty easy.” Starring Tanuj Virwani and Rashami Desai, the show is a crime thriller inspired by real events. And while it was a challenge, Sharma admitted they had a great time while filming, and she even credited Desai for making her first day funnier.

She said: “The first day was very exciting. The whole team met on set and we were all absolutely delighted and waiting to get back to work. There was happiness and joy in every face and to top it off, rashami got a tandoor-themed cake. The connection between all of us was instantly established and then every day was as interesting as the first day to the last day of shooting. “

Sharma spoke of her leading actors and said, “Rashami is an extremely professional actor. She is a punctual and fun-loving person. Tanuj is a great person, I can write an essay about him. He’s so humble and a fabulous actor. Nivedita (Basu) brought together an amazing couple whose chemistry will set the screen on fire. You will soon notice. “And guess what, she had a similar reaction to hearing the title as many of us. She shared, “I’m a foodie, so I imagined tandoori food. But I told Nivedita that it sounds so intense. I told her she was going to kill it. “

What next? “Nivedita and I do three to four other projects together. One of them should be on the ground (cross your fingers) by mid-April. Raktanchal – 2 is already on the floor and I’m also doing a film called Sarvagun Asampan, ”she said. “We finished post-production of my film LAC. I also develop and acquire a lot of interesting content, ”Sharma concluded.

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