Wells Fargo Mobile App

Simplify your life and stay in control with the Wells Fargo mobile app. Manage your finances; make check deposits, add cards to your digital wallet, transfer funds and pay bills all within the app.

About Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo & Company (NYSE: WFC) is a leading financial services company with approximately $1.9 trillion in assets, proudly serving one in three U.S. households and more than 10% of U.S. small businesses, and is the leading middle-market banking provider in the U.S. We offer a diversified range of banking, investment and mortgage products and services, as well as consumer and commercial finance through our four reportable business segments: Consumer Banking and Lending, Commercial Banking, Corporate and Investment Banking, and Wealth & Investment Management. Wells Fargo ranked 37th in Fortune’s 2021 list of America’s largest companies. In the communities we serve, the company focuses its social impact on building a sustainable, inclusive future for all by supporting housing affordability, small business growth, financial health and a low-carbon economy. Wells Fargo news, insights and perspectives are also available at Wells Fargo Stories.

Manage your accounts

– Access your cash, loan and investment accounts quickly with fingerprint enrollment¹ or biometric enrollment¹
– Review activity and balances in your accounts
– View your credit card transactions and manage your rewards program
– Easily activate or deactivate cards², add cards to digital wallets, view recurring payments, and manage account access with Control Tower
– Set your language preference to English or Spanish.

Key features of the Wells Fargo credit card mobile app.

Wells Fargo customers can use the Wells Fargo Mobile app to access a full suite of features to manage their accounts, pay their bills, transfer money and more.

Enrollment and security

A username and password are required to sign in to the Wells Fargo mobile app. As with many other apps, you can also enable additional security features depending on your phone’s capabilities. The app works with your phone’s fingerprint and biometric facial recognition for iPhones and Android phones.
The app’s menu screen includes a list of categories, each with helpful descriptions of actions you can perform underneath (so you don’t have to waste time guessing where features might be). If you find that you need to block your card because it’s been lost or stolen, the app can help you do that: Tap the first option under the “Card” category in the “Turn Card On or Off” menu. Can it get any easier?

Account alerts

You can set up a number of account alerts through the mobile app. Options include alerts that notify you when payments are due or posted, as well as more detailed alerts like one for gas station purchases. Security-related alerts are fairly limited, as they only allow users to be notified when their username and/or password is changed or account access is blocked. You can choose how you want to receive these alerts: Email, SMS or push notification.

Payment options

Setting up Autopay through the mobile app is a relatively simple process. Once you’ve selected which accounts you’d like to use for recurring payments, choose the frequency and amount, and you’re pretty much done. The process is pretty similar to setting up Autopay on your laptop, so there shouldn’t be much confusion about how to set it up if you’ve done it before. What is less straightforward, however, is how to disable autopay if you need to.

Reward redemption

One useful feature is the ability to quickly redeem rewards within the app. However, it is not easy to find this feature. To redeem rewards, you need to select the credit card account you want to use, slide a series of icons at the top of the app, click the “More” menu (which is just an icon with ellipsis dots), and select “Redeem” for purchases.” Perhaps users should be rewarded just for finding the rewards area, as it takes a bit of research to navigate there. The experience there feels very similar to the online experience, so there are no surprises there.

Credit score access

Users have the ability to access their credit score for free in the Wells Fargo mobile app. Under the Financial Planning section of the app, you can see a FICO® score☉ based on Experian data. In this section, there is some wording that provides context for what the user is seeing, as well as some additional information about credit scores in general. The score is updated monthly, so there are lots of incentives for users to take control of their financial lives to see how their score improves.

Spending tracking

Tracking spending in the app is pretty straightforward. Balance summaries, along with posted transactions and authorizations, allow you to see what’s coming out in an easy-to-read format. It’s also extremely easy to access statements through the app – perhaps even easier than on a laptop. Outside of the standard offerings (like the list of card transactions in progress), the real help with budgeting is the app’s alerts feature, which focuses on spending. Receiving notifications before you reach your spending limit, or alerts about total daily spending, can give you an idea of spending habits and help you avoid overspending.

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