Wendy plans to get Robert Sugden out of jail

Emmerdale mom Wendy Posner plans to get Robert Sugden out of jail next week.

The midwife was shocked last night to discover that Robert may not have been responsible for her son Lee’s death, as she thought.

Wendy in Emmerdale is determined to rescue Robert Sugden after son Luke’s confession (Image Credit: ITV)

Robert is currently serving a life sentence after admitting killing rapist Lee.

Lee had raped his sister Victoria and was demanding money to leave her and her baby alone.

Robert saw red and hit him with a shovel, and when Lee later died in the hospital, Robert was charged with murder.

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However, it was revealed last night that Lee suffered a serious head injury earlier that day when he attacked his brother Luke over his gay relationship.

Luke pushed him back to protect himself, and Lee fell and knocked himself unconscious.

Luke hadn’t realized what he was confessing – but Wendy did and next week asked attorney Ethan Henderson to help her with something important.

She asks him to find out if the information could free Robert.

When Luke dawns, however, Wendy regrets opening the can with the worms.

Even so, she asks Luke to be honest with Victoria – but will he?

Emmerdale fans broken when Robert Sugden secretly drops Aaron in the final scenes
Emmerdale fans broken when Robert Sugden secretly drops Aaron in the final scenes

What happened between Robert Sugden and Lee Posner?

In 2019, Victoria was raped by Lee Posner after one night and later discovered she was pregnant with his child.

Lee denied raping Victoria, and he and Wendy accused Victoria of being a liar.

Victoria’s brother Robert later attacked Lee by hitting him over the head with a shovel.

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Lee went on life support. Meanwhile, Victoria befriended Luke, not knowing that he was Lee’s brother.

Lee later died of his injuries, and the day Robert was sentenced to life in prison, Victoria discovered that Luke was Lee’s brother.

Robert was given a fixed term of 14 years for life. However, new evidence could set him free.

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