Wendy Williams apologizes after appearing to burp and fart in the air

American TV presenter Wendy Williams left fans in shock when she appeared to burp and fart live in the air.

The 56-year-old presenter hosted her talk show The Wendy Williams Show when she suffered from the embarrassing gaffe.

Wendy discussed the latest gossip about Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.

Wendy accidentally farted and burped live in the air (Image Credit: YouTube / Wendy Williams Show)

Wendy Williams appears to be burping and farting in midair

But poor Wendy accidentally let out a burp followed by a fart as she spoke to the viewers and her live audience.

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When Wendy seemed to burp, she quickly covered her mouth.

She then accidentally passed the wind as the audience gasped for air.

Wendy Williams burps and farts
Viewers thought the moment was funny (Photo credit: YouTube / Wendy Williams Show)

Wendy said, “I apologize, I apologize,” before quickly continuing their conversation.

Of course, the moment has gone viral online and many people are taking to Twitter to express their shock.

What did the audience say?

One person wrote, “Did WENDY WILLIAMS just burst and fart at the same time?”

Another added, “I’m pretty sure Wendy Williams gave both a burp and a fart. You decide. Either way, that’s what I’m here for. “

A third said, “I laughed so hard at Wendy Williams’ burp / fart that I choked on my air.”

Wendy’s other viral moment

This isn’t the first time Wendy has gone viral online thanks to a moment on her show.

During her Halloween special in 2017, the presenter appeared to faint from overheating in her Statue of Liberty costume live in the air.

As she read the Autocue, Wendy stopped, staggered back, and then fell to the floor.

The audience gasped as the crew rushed to Wendy’s aid.

After a commercial break, Wendy explained to the audience, “It wasn’t a stunt. I overheated in my costume and passed out.

Wendy Williams faints in midair
Wendy appeared to faint during her Halloween special (Credit: YouTube)

“But you know what? I’m a champion and back.”

The show later confirmed that Wendy was better off after the incident.

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A statement said: “Wendy’s doing much better. She was overheated from her heavy costume, makeup, and lights.

“She was able to finish the show in the true Wendy spirit. Many thanks for your good wishes. “

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