What attracts you to the opposite sex? Celebrities tell us!

Be it the eyes or how they treat people who are lower towards them, these celebrities take their opinions on what helps them get their first impressions when meeting someone of the opposite sex!

Zayn Khan

So first of all, obviously, her eyes. They say it’s the eyes where the beauty resides. As for first impressions, every girl is different with a different style. I think the first impression depends on how that is presented.

Sidharrth Sipani

Her face. Mood, personality and their simplicity are what I first see when I see a girl. This is how she presents herself, the way she speaks and acts. That’s more important to me than what she looks like.

Vijayendra Kumeria

I notice the care at first sight … I am impressed when the woman is cared for from head to toe. By care I don’t mean a lot of make-up and trendy hairstyles, but how she wears herself! And yes, a smiling and pleasant personality is impressive too.

Avinash Mukherjee

How her hair is done, black kohl is impossible to miss, her shoes and how she wears herself and uses her space. But my first good impression depends on how it smells. I love fragrances.

Pranitaa Pandit

I notice the person’s smile when I first meet them. The mood they give me is important to me. My first impression is how real and real they are. This is very important to me.

Aditi Patankar Gupta

The first thing I usually notice about men is the way they wear themselves, but the ultimate impression depends on the level of conversation that says a lot more about them. All men dress well these days so it no longer has that influence. Socially balanced behavior has now become the benchmark. After all, communication defines the authenticity of a man’s intelligence. Only good conversations can leave a lasting impression!

Searcheta Trivedi

How he behaves with people whose status and finances are lower than him, and how he behaves with people who are above him in terms of money and status. That makes my first impression of a man.

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