What did she do? How old is she?

Charlotte Crosby Is The Latest Star To Be Examined On C5’s Celebrities: What Happened To Your Face? What surgery did Charlotte Crosby perform?

How old is she? And is she single or dating?

Here is everything you need to know!

Charlotte Crosby fished as Peter Andre on the recent Celebrity Circle (Credit: Channel 4)

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Who is Charlotte Crosby and what is she most famous for?

Charlotte became famous on the MTV reality series Geordie Shore.

She appeared on the show as an original member in 2011 and stayed until 2016.

The reality TV star appeared on the 12th series of Celebrity Big Brother in 2013, which she won.

She introduced Just Tattoo of Us and even received her own short-lived reality series, The Charlotte Crosby Experience in 2014 and The Charlotte Show in 2018.

Charlotte has appeared on several celebrity television shows including Celebrity Wedding Planner, Celebrity Ex on the Beach, Celebrity Storage Hunters, Pointless Celebrities, Celebrity Coach Trip, and Celebs Go Dating.

In March 2021, she appeared on C4’s The Celebrity Circle – but not as herself.

Instead, she fished as the ever-likable Peter Andre.

How old is she?

Charlotte-Letitia Crosby was born on May 17, 1990 in Sunderland, England.

She is currently 30 years old.

Charlotte Crosby
Charlotte Crosby is perhaps best known for her weight battles and changing face (Image credit: MTV UK YouTube)

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Is she single or does she have a boyfriend?

Charlotte’s love life is as famous as her changing face and body.

Originally known for her relationship with Geordie Shore cast Gaz Beadle, their love affair ended after her ectopic pregnancy.

From 2018 to 2019, Charlotte had a well-known relationship with Josh Ritchie.

Charlotte is currently in love with her boyfriend Liam Beaumont.

She has been with the 30-year-old videographer and content creator since 2020.

Charlotte and Liam reportedly met in early 2020 while on vacation in Dubai, partying with her friends from Geordie Shore.

Charlotte Crosby Operation: Before and After

According to a celebrity expert, what happened to your face? Charlotte most likely had botox and fillers.

She definitely looks very different from the fresh-faced 20-year-olds who first appeared on Geordie Shore in 2011.

Charlotte had eyebrow tattoos and admits she has lip fillers.

During an interview that morning in 2018, Charlotte announced that her filler is being refilled every 12 months.

“I do them once a year,” she revealed. “I’ve had a big problem, but it happens once a year and I don’t think they’re that bad.”

Charlotte previously talked about her “Uniboob” – also known medically as innate symmasty, which appears as a strap over the breasts.

To correct her split, which she believed was insufficiently defined, she had breast implants in 2017.

While traveling to Brazil with then-boyfriend Joshua Ritchie in 2019, she experienced severe breast pain and had her implants removed.

Charlotte Crosby
Charlotte Crosby Operation: What Did She Do? (Photo credit: Charlotte Letitia Crosby YouTube)

Charlotte Crosby Operation: Nose Job

She was also open to rhinoplasty to correct a bump – and even posted a video on her YouTube channel about the experience.

After the surgery in 2014, Charlotte told Heat Magazine, “My old nose was awful, it was so bad.

“I think [my nose] caused a lack of confidence and you always compare yourself to other people who are on TV too.

“When I watched myself before and turned to the side, I felt sick because my nose looked so horrible.

“Nobody ever noticed my nose. I have never received a comment in my entire life that says you have a bad nose.

“But I wasn’t happy with it, I did it for myself.”

Charlotte Crosby as she looked like on Geordie Shore in her early years (Credit: Splash)
Charlotte Crosby as she looked like on Geordie Shore in her early years (Credit: Splash)

Celebrities: what happened to your face?

The second part of the series that started last week and dealt with Madonna and Simon Cowell.

This week, celebrity commentators took a close look at Charlotte Crosby.

She has admitted going under the surgeon’s knife and using lip fillers, but how many cosmetic procedures has she actually had?

Plus a look at the changing face of Hollywood veteran and all-action hero Sylvester Stallone.

Celebrities: what happened to your face? will be broadcast on Thursday, April 22nd, 2021 at 10 p.m. on channel 5.

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