What did she say about sexism in football?

Eilidh Barbour is a top Scottish sports expert and presenter who reports on the Euro 2020.

Originally a football presenter, she has commented on a variety of sports, including rugby and sports – and now she is part of the BBC pundit line-up.

How did she make her big breakthrough in sports presentation? And what about her private life?

We take a look at Eilidh’s media career and more below …

Eilidh Barbour is a top sports presenter and expert (Credit: YouTube)

How old is Eilidh Barbour?

Eilidh is 38. She was born on 14th 1982.

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Born and raised in Scotland, she is a proud Scot and attended the University of Stirling, where she studied film and media studies.

How did Euro 2020 star Eilidh Barbour come to present?

After studying media, she taught English in South Korea for a year.

She then returned to Scotland hoping to build a media career.

Fortunately, within six months she got a job as a TV editor at STV, mainly editing soccer and rugby clips.

Elidh Barbour
Eilidh covers Scotland during Euro 2020 (Credit: YouTube)

Gradually, she began to take on appearances on television. And in 2011 she was a regular presenter for STV Rugby.

She has been a regular host for Final Score since 2016. In 2016, she represented Dan Walker on an episode of Football Focus.

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She has also hosted the Women’s Football Show and was the main host for BBC golf coverage.

In addition, Eilidh was one of the main hosts of the 2019 Women’s World Cup. And she has also served as a host for games that aired on Amazon Prime Video.

Elidh Barbour
Eilidh also covered the Winter Olympics (Credit: BBC)

What did Eilidh say about sexism in the sports industry?

said Eilidh in an interview with The Scotthat she does not believe that she has experienced sexism as a female sports presenter in a strongly male-dominated world.

However, she says she has received some rather awkward comments from male colleagues.

She revealed in an interview in 2018: “I was told, ‘You look a lot better than the last reporter we had here.’

“I have to admit, I didn’t necessarily think that was something to be angry about.

“It wasn’t mean, just a guy who tormented his way through a few small talks before we went on the air. I know some women like to call this sexist. We live in a PC world now and that is good in many ways.

“But I don’t think we have to be outraged about every single little thing.”

In the meantime, she admitted that covering Scottish football isn’t always glamorous – but it’s still her dream job.

She explained: “I’m into Scottish football because I love it and I grew up as a fan.”

Then he added, “Scottish football is sometimes not the most glamorous, so you have to be passionate.”

Is the Euro 2020 expert Eilidh married? Does she have children?

Eilidh keeps her personal life extremely private. She is currently not assumed to be married or have children.

However, in the past she has tweeted that she has a boyfriend.

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