What do Ranveer’s and Sahil Khattar’s tarot cards look like? Dr. Neelam (Kaajal) has answers

Dr. Neelam (Kaajal), a tarot card reader and life coach, read tarot cards from actors Ranveer Singh and Sahil Khattar from movie 83 and gave some interesting things to say about their work and personal life.

Ranveer Singh:

You feel uncomfortable and stagnant. The cards suggest that at this point you wish success and achievement. A mentor or elderly man of importance in your life might guide you and be open to his guidance. Someone’s heart rules his head! Are you so afraid of being hurt that you remain paralyzed in inaction, or are you not? Stay or go Disregard caution – great happiness awaits when you can trust what you are feeling, ignore fear, and do it the way you want. The sun is shining on you It is a time of success, joy and happiness. You will feel confident and full of vitality.

Nice time to celebrate with friends and loved ones. Good news will come to you very soon. You could lose a very big chance if you don’t control your fears, don’t miss out on new opportunities that are presented to you. Don’t reject change when change is vital – feel the fear and let go of it. Some results show lag. However, this is time for positive action, not passivity. Conflicts will end in victory. Keep loading. This is a time of change, travel, and success if you keep committed to your destination.

Sahil Khattar:

You feel deep inside that this is the end of a certain phase of your life. You take stock and see where and how you want to go from here. New opportunities will arise and the choices you make will change your life dramatically. There is a deep need or need for change, maybe you have a desire to change many areas in your career and love life. Maybe your whole lifestyle in general. Your wisdom and experience will help you shape a whole new path. With some things you have a shadow self that scares you that everything will turn out for the worst, you have to trust that most of your fears have not materialized.

This is an exciting time with lots of potential for fun and wonderful experiences, your self-confidence will be high, a great time for new opportunities. An unexpected wish will be granted before you express it. Maintain self-control as this could be your greatest enemy. Unconditionally believe in the people who are a part of your personal and professional life. It is a phase of positive action and rewards. You will be full of confidence, feel very empowered, and have the ability to think on your feet. The magician card is an excellent omen of success. It’s time to show everyone exactly what you’re made of.