What does a complete ban look like?

Matt Hancock released an update after reports that people living in the UK could face a third full lockdown.

The Minister of Health announced today (January 4th) that even stricter lockdown measures could be introduced in England.

He pointed out that the NHS was “under considerable pressure” due to the coronavirus.

And he said he wasn’t ruling out another national lockdown.

Boris Johnson is due to ponder his suspension options today (Credit: Splash News)

When could a UK lockdown update be released?

Infection rates in areas already in Tier 3 are skyrocketing, explained Matt Hancock, and those areas could soon move to Tier 4.

This could happen within the next 24 hours, the health minister indicated.

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He stated, “We have shown that we are ready to move incredibly quickly within 24 hours if we deem it necessary.

“And we keep checking these things.”

When asked if the government could act within 24 hours, he added, “We review the data daily and we are seeing significant increases right now, especially in the areas that are still in Level 3.

“But I also come back to this broader point that it affects us all.

“The spread of the disease is stopped by preventing people from coming into contact with other people. That’s the sad truth. “

Matt Hancock on Downing Street
Matt Hancock refused to rule out a full lockdown (Credit: Splash News)

The union leader wants a full national lockdown

Union leader Sir Keir Starmer last night called on Boris Johnson to impose a full national lockdown.

He said the virus was “clearly out of control” and national restrictions should be “the first step”.

The Prime Minister is believed to be considering his options today.

His decision comes as it is reported that it will take “months” to defeat the virus.

He has already warned of “tough” weeks.

Boris said: “If you look at the numbers there is no question that we need to take tougher measures and we will announce these in due course.”

What does a complete ban look like?

Those who live in Tier 4 are already pretty much completely banned, but there have been warnings that Tier 5 is on its way.

Currently in Tier 4, non-essential stores are closed, hairdressers and nail bars are closed, and restaurants can only offer takeout or delivery.

People should work from home wherever possible.

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Pubs are closed, gyms and indoor pools are also closed.

People living in Tier 4 areas are not allowed to meet people from other households indoors unless they are in your support bubble.

If you look at the numbers, there is no question that we need to take stricter measures and we will announce these in due course.

Outside, you can meet someone from another household in a public place – but social distancing must be observed.

People should stay home unless they have a reasonable excuse to be outside.

Weddings and civil ceremonies are closed, but common worship can still take place.

International travel is also prohibited, with the exception of those traveling for work and education.

Matt Hancock and Boris Johnson in a meeting
Hancock and Johnson have said the tier system just doesn’t work (Credit: Splash News)

Will the schools close again?

Another announcement on schools is expected later this week.

All London primary schools are currently closed, many others until at least January 18th.

Boris commented on further closures, suggesting a return to the state last spring when schools were closed to the majority of children.

“It’s clear that school closings that we had to go through in March are one of those things,” he said when asked what is being considered.

Plans are also being made for the country’s most vulnerable people, and the shield is expected to return, according to reports.

It did so when the health minister warned that the animal system was “no longer strong enough” to contain the virus.

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