What else did he write besides Time?

New BBC One drama The time is as bleak as it comes – but what other must-see Jimmy McGovern dramas are there?

The Liverpool-born writer, 71, is best known for his tough dramas that deliver an emotional blow …

And time is certainly no exception.

Here’s a rundown of Jimmy McGovern’s top dramas.

Sean Bean plays an inmate in Jimmy McGovern’s drama Time (Image: BBC One)

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Jimmy McGovern Dramas: Brookside 1982-1988

Screenwriter Jimmy bit his teeth at soaps.

Between 1982 and 1988 he wrote more than 60 episodes of Brookside.

In the course of the series he took up many social issues, especially unemployment – which was at a post-war high at the time.

Jimmy wrote an episode of Coronation Street on ITV1 in 1990.

Hillsborough 1996

Jimmy McGovern also wrote the script for the television drama Hillsborough.

The full-length drama was based on the real events of the stadium disaster of 1989.

The disaster claimed the lives of 96 Liverpool fans in the FA Cup semi-finals.

Former Brookside actors Ricky Tomlinson and Christopher Eccleston both starred.

In 2013, Christopher said it was the most important job he had ever done.

The television movie is said to have been a factor in a new investigation launched in 1997.

The lakes
John Simm starred in The Lakes (Image: BBC)

Jimmy McGovern Dramas: The Lakes 1997-1999

Jimmy created the classic series The Lakes in 1997.

The Lakes was a hugely successful series starring John Simm, Kaye Wragg, and Elizabeth Bennett.

Charles Dale and Kevin Doyle also appeared on the series that followed residents of a small Lake District town.

John Simm played as the Liverpudlian Danny Kavanagh – a gamer and womanizer – who came to the Lake District to find work.

He starts working in a hotel and falls in love with a girl named Emma.

But Danny remains an outsider in the close-knit community and is ultimately drawn into a tragedy – the drowning of three schoolgirls.

The series got a second series, but many viewers wanted more.

Jimmy McGovern Dramas: Cracker 1993-2006

Who could Robbie Coltrane as criminal psychologist Dr. Forgotten Edward ‘Fitz’ Fitzgerald?

Despite being antisocial and marginally offensive, he provided invaluable insight as an advisor to the Manchester Police.

The chain-smoking character appeared in three series and remains one of the most popular crime solvers on television.

Jimmy McGovern
Jimmy McGovern Dramas: The Author Famous For Moving On, Accused And Now Time (Credit: YouTube)

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Jimmy McGovern Dramas: The Street 2006-2009

A one-off series of dramas, each centered on a different house on the same street.

Recreated and written by Jimmy McGovern, the plot dealt with subjects close to the bones.

The three series played Timothy Spall, Lee Ingleby, Jim Broadbent, Jane Horrocks and Sue Johnston.

And actors don’t get much better.

Anna Friel, Neil Dudgeon, Mark Benton, Vincent Regan, Jonas Armstrong, Melanie Hill and Shaun Dooley also performed.

Jimmy McGovern Dramas: Defendants 2010–2012

Jimmy created this series of individual episodes, each linked to a crime.

The series starred Mackenzie Crook, Christopher Eccleston, Juliet Stevenson and Marc Warren.

Olivia Colman, Anna Maxwell Martin, Peter Capaldi and Anne-Marie Duff also played.

Honestly, if we were to list all of the fantastic actors, we would be here all day.

Sean Bean and Stephen Graham, currently facing each other in Time, appeared together on Tracie’s Story in 2012.

Sean played an English teacher once again.

But this time around, his transvestite alter ego is embroiled in a love triangle that leads to a terrible crime of passion.

Jimmy McGovern dramas
Stephen Graham and Sean Bean in the defendant (Image: BBC One)

Jimmy McGovern Dramas: Broken 2017

Sean Bean starred in this six-part drama written and created by Jimmy McGovern.

He portrayed Father Michael, a Catholic priest who heads a northern urban parish.

Far removed from the archetypal image of a priest, Michael is modern, idiosyncratic and reassuringly flawed.

It continues from 2010 to 2021

This series of daily pieces deals with the subject of someone who is going through some kind of change in their life.

The series is still running and was last broadcast in 2021.

Everyone who is anyone has appeared in one of these moving dramas.

The actors were Robert James-Collier, Mark Womack, Nico Mirallegro, Dervla Kirwen, Lesley Sharp and Julie Hesmondhalgh.

Jimmy McGovern Dramas: Time 2021

The three-part film Time is currently broadcast on BBC One and can be viewed on iPlayer.

It brings together two acting heavyweights Sean Bean and Stephen Graham from Jimmy McGovern’s 2012 Accused.

Sean plays a teacher named Mark who accidentally kills a man while on a dangerous ride.

Overwhelmed with guilt, he is sentenced to four years in prison, where he is forcibly introduced into prison life.

Mark’s weakness is soon discovered by a dangerous inmate who makes his life hell.

Stephen Graham plays the jailer Eric McNally, who has problems himself.

His son is also in prison and appears to be in great danger.

The time continues on Sunday, June 13, 2021, at 9 p.m. on BBC One.

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