What happened between her and Tyrone?

Maria has been on Coronation Street since 2000 and has a long history with Tyrone Dobbs. But what happened between the two of them?

On today’s episode of ITV Soap (Thursday April 1), Maria told Tyrone that she knows she cheated on Fiz with Alina.

Maria consulted with Alina in her pop-up salon. But during her appointment, she warned Alina to stay away from Tyrone.

Alina reminded Maria that she once tried to split up Fiz and Tyrone (Credit: ITV)

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When Maria threatened, however, Alina stood up for herself and bit back on Maria. She alleged that Maria tried to separate Fiz and Tyrone once.

But what is the story of Mary and Tire?

Maria in Coronation Street: Her story with Tyrone

Maria first came to Weatherfield from Tyrones in May 2000 as a love interest.

Tyrone and Maria eventually got engaged, but broke off their engagement and ended their relationship.

Eventually they got back together and got engaged a second time, but Tyrone broke off and realized that she would never be happy with him.

Maria and Tyrone got engaged when they were younger (Image Credit: ITV / Shutterstock)

Over the years, Maria and Tyrone got married and dating other people, but managed to remain good friends.

Eventually Tyrone and Fiz got together. Fiz had daughter Hope with her late husband, John Stape. Meanwhile, Tyrone had daughter Ruby with ex-partner Kirsty Soames.

Kirsty molested Tyrone (Image credit: ITV / Shutterstock)

For the past 7 years, Fiz and Tyrone have lived together and raised their children together.

Mary on Coronation Street: Her Obsession with Tyrone

However, in 2014, Maria entered a downward spiral after catching boyfriend Marcus sleeping with Todd Grimshaw.

She began to be obsessed with Tyrone. When Tyrone’s abusive ex-girlfriend Kirsty was released from prison, he opened up to Maria.

However, she began sending threatening text messages to Tyrone, which made it appear as if they were from Kirsty.

Tyrone was there for Maria when she discovered that Marcus had cheated on her (Image Credit: Joseph Scanlon / Shutterstock / ITV)

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Police were soon able to confirm that Kirsty now lives abroad and that the text messages were from a UK number.

It soon turned out that Maria was the one sending the news. Kirk was able to convince Fiz and Tyrone to drop the charges against his sister.

After the incident, she went away for a while to hang out with her mother. Finally, Fiz and Tyrone were able to forgive her for what had happened.

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