What happened in series 1-3 and who was in the cast?

The Syndicate is returning to BBC One this week after more than five years – but what happened in series one, two and three and who was in the cast?

Who was in the previous series and how can I see it?

Here is everything you need to know!

The cast of the Syndicate in the fourth series includes Neil Morrissey and Emily Head (Image Credit: BBC One)

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The first Syndicate series – what happened and who was in the cast?

The first Syndicate series aired in 2012 and was written by Kay Mellor.

Kay has written all four series of the drama so far.

The five-part series follows five supermarket workers in Leeds.

Their lives will be turned upside down if they win the lottery together.

Right Buy U mini-market employees are making £ 8 million and it’s instantly changing their lives – for the worse in some cases.

Timothy Spall, Matthew Lewis, Joanna Page, Matthew McNulty and Katherine Dow Blyton all appear on the series.

Syndicate series one and two can currently be viewed on BritBox and purchased from Amazon Prime Video.

The Syndicate series’ first cast includes Timothy Spall and Joanna Page (Image Credit: BBC One)

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The second Syndicate series – what happened and who was in it?

The second series of The Syndicate introduces us to the employees of a public hospital in Bradford.

Mandy and her daughter Becky are both part of a hospital lottery syndicate that is making huge profits.

All hell breaks loose when they discover they have won a whopping £ 72 million but Becky didn’t sign the back of the ticket and now it’s a race to find it and claim the winnings before someone else does .. .

The cast of the second series includes Siobhan Finneran, Alison Steadman, Mark Addy and Jimi Mistry.

Syndicate series one and two can currently be viewed on BritBox and purchased from Amazon Prime Video.

The cast of Syndicate series two
Some very familiar faces star in The Syndicate’s second series (Credit: BBC One)

The third syndicate series – what happened and who was in the cast?

The third series lottery winners are the employees of a crumbling mansion near Scarborough.

Pregnant Dawn and her daughter Amy work alongside cook Julie and her daughter, manager Sarah, gardener Godfrey, and handyman Sean as maids at the rundown Hazelwood Manor.

Lord Hazelwood is kind but an invalid, and his bossy wife and spoiled son Spencer run the house and pay poor wages because the family is in debt.

To make money, the Hazelwoods host a group of visiting Americans, and during their stay, the six employees, who are members of a lottery syndicate, discover they have won £ 14 million.

But then Amy disappears …

Another impressive cast are Lenny Henry, Elizabeth Berrington, Melanie Hill, Polly Walker and Anthony Andrews.

Syndicate series three is available on Prime Video.

Syndicate series three was set in a shabby mansion (Credit: BBC One).
The cast of The Syndicate’s third series includes Melanie Hill and Lenny Henry (Image Credit: BBC One)

Syndicate series four – what happens?

The fourth series introduces viewers to the Woodvale Kennels staff.

You’ve been part of a lottery syndicate for years, but you’ve never won big – until now.

When Keeley takes the Syndicate lottery ticket to the local store for verification, newsagent Frank informs her that she has won £ 500!

However, they soon discover that the win was much greater than five hundred pounds – they actually won the grand prize of £ 27 million!

And newsagent Frank is nowhere to be seen!

Neil Morrissey, Gaynor Faye, Emily Head, Kym Marsh, Katie McGlynn, Joe Sugg and countless other stars.

The syndicate begins Tuesday, March 30, 2021 at 9 p.m. on BBC One.

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