What happened to Abi Branning in EastEnders? How did she die?

Abi Branning was killed in front of EastEnders, but when and how did she die?

On today’s episode of The Soap (Monday February 8), Max spoke to his granddaughter Abi Jr. about her late mother, after whom she was named.

But who was Abi Branning and what happened to her?

Who was Abi Branning in EastEnders?

Abi Branning is the daughter of Tanya Cross and Max Branning.

Her older half-brother is Bradley Branning. She also has an older sister named Lauren and a younger brother named Oscar.

Abi first performed in EastEnders in July 2006 when she moved to Albert Square with Tanya, Max, and Lauren.

Abi first appeared in 2006 (Credit: BBC)

During her 12 years at Walford, Abi was involved in a number of difficult storylines.

At a young age, she discovered her father was having an affair with his daughter-in-law, Stacey, when video footage of Max and Stacey kissing was shown on Christmas Day 2007.

She also became close friends with Ben Mitchell, whom she dated as a teenager. However, Ben was gay and went out with Abi to hide this from his father.

In order to keep Ben as her friend, she faked a pregnancy and a miscarriage.

However, Ben found out there was no baby when Abi accidentally told him the truth, thinking his sister Louise had already surpassed her lie.

EastEnders: What happened to Abi Branning?

Abi had an uninterrupted relationship with her family, especially Lauren.

On Abi’s 21st birthday, Lauren became jealous when her boss Josh started flirting with Abi, even though Lauren was in a relationship with Steven Beale.

After an argument, Abi kicked Lauren out of the party and was soon sleeping with Steven.

Abi was having an affair with Lauren’s fiancé Steven (Image Credit: BBC)

Abi and Steven continued their affair and when she learned that he had lied about a brain tumor so Lauren would not leave him, she gave him medication that made him appear sick.

Abi soon became pregnant with Stevens’ baby. But he died after being injured by Max in the fire at Ian’s restaurant.

Eventually, Lauren found out that Steven and Abi were having an affair and although she was disgusted at first, she soon supported Abi and her pregnancy.

In 2018, Tanya returned to Walford to take Abi and Lauren with them and to reveal that Max was responsible for Stevens’ injuries and that he attempted to kill Jane.

Lauren and Abi fell from the roof of the Queen Vic (Image credit: BBC)

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The two girls rejected their father. But when he went to the roof of Queen Vic and wanted to jump off, Abi and Lauren tried to stop him.

Lauren eventually slipped and Abi grabbed her to save her. But she also fell.

How did Abi die?

At the hospital, a scan showed that Abi’s baby was alive. Abi, however, was brain dead.

Meanwhile, Lauren suffered severe leg injuries.

Abi’s baby was born by caesarean section. She gave birth to a daughter who was also called Abi.

Although Max wanted to have his daughter treated, the doctors told him that she was already brain dead and would not wake up.

Her life support was shut off at 8:32 p.m. and she died in the hospital, devastating her family.

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Who played Abi?

During her 13 years on the show, Abi was played by actress Lorna Fitzgerald.

After leaving the soap, she appeared on the 2019 TV series London Kills and played Emmaline in the 2020 film The Loss Adjuster.

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