What happened to Alina on Coronation Street? Your history of human trafficking

Alina first appeared on Coronation Street in April 2019 and was the focus of a story about human trafficking.

In today’s double soap bill (Wednesday, February 10), Alina Tyrone announced that she had been rejected from a job for which she was interviewing.

Tyrone soon suggested that she get back to doing nails and beauty treatments. However, Alina became upset.

Tyrone told Alina to be beautiful again. But Fiz reminded him that Alina was forced to work in a salon (Credit: ITV)

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When Tyrone mentioned what he said to Fiz, she reminded him that while Alina was working in a salon, she was trafficked and forced to work and live in appalling conditions.

Tyrone later apologized to Alina. But when she told him that she liked to work in beauty, he offered to help her start her own business.

What happened to Alina on Coronation Street?

Alina first appeared on Coronation Street in April 2019 when Seb was working at a local salon.

The nail technician Alina soon caught his eye and he wanted to take her with him when the time was right.

Alina had to work in a salon and live and work in poor conditions (Credit: ITV)

But Seb quickly realized that something was wrong when Alina was afraid to do something to upset her boss Rachel, whom she also referred to as her landlady.

Eventually, Seb found out that Alina had been trafficked and lived in a tiny room at the back of the drawing room.

Rachel was Alina’s boss. Rachel and her husband Nikolai were part of a human trafficking ring (Credit: ITV)

It turned out that Eileen’s lodger and friend Jan Lozinski was also involved, but Jan was exposed as an undercover police informant.

After the human trafficking was exposed, Alina was accepted into the Salvation Army and helped her.

Back to the cobblestones

Alina returned to Romania to be with her family. However, a few months later she returned to the cobblestones to see Seb.

When she returned to Weatherfield, Seb had a new girlfriend, Emma Brooker.

Alina returned to the cobblestones and made friends with Emma (Credit: ITV)

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Seb and Emma invited Alina to come and live with them, and she soon got a job at Underworld Factory.

Seb and Emma eventually separated, but Emma and Alina quickly became good friends.

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