What happened to Dan and Tamara?

Married at First Sight Australia is back tonight and we are desperate to know what happened to love rats Dan and Tamara.

In episode 26, series 6, the grooms travel with their brides to see their hometowns.

This is where they take the daunting step of meeting their friends and family.

This includes the late arrivals Dan Webb and Tamara Joy.

But where are Dan and Tam now? Are they still together? And what are your jobs in real life?

Read on to find out what happened to this attractive couple …

* WARNING MAFS Australia SPOILERS ahead!

When did Dan and Tamara come to MAFS Australia?

Dan and Tam are stragglers in the sixth series of Married at First Sight Australia. They participated in the fourth episode.

They joined several couples leaving the show after the hurricane.

This included Ines Basic and Branson Norrish. As well as Elizabeth Sobinoff and Sam Ball.

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Dan and Tam on their wedding day (Image credit: E4)

What happened to Dan and Tam on MAFS?

Unfortunately, Dan and Tam weren’t a match. The couple appeared to be physically struggling at first.

However, Dan soon turned out to be puzzled and turned his gaze to the ‘wife’ of another man – Jessika Power.

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But without poor Tam knowing first, she went ahead and invited him to her hometown for episode 26.

There he decided to have a secret phone call with Jessika.

dan jessika mafs australia
Dan reconnected with Jessika (Credit: E4)

But after he understood it later with Tam on her home lawn, he wonders if his secret “thing” with Jessika is really worth it.

Ultimately, however, Jessika reveals her “affair” with Dan in a later episode.

She reveals to her “husband” Mick Gould in an engagement ceremony that she really has feelings for Dan.

After crisis talks, it is then compared again with Dan. Leave Tam from the show and alone.

Did Dan and Jessika stay together?

The couple were several months away from the show. Before 2019, however, they had split up.

Apparently previously unseen footage of Jessika flirting with competitor Nic Jovanović was the final straw for Dan.

Speak with Yahoo Australiahe explained: “We are not together! There is no way I will meet this girl after the rumors. I’m glad I’m done, it’s done. “

Are Tam and Jessika friends now?

It seems that Tam and Jessika were able to put their difference aside – and actually became friends.

They even enjoyed a luxury girls trip to Bali in August 2019.

On Tam’s official Instagram account she wrote: “@tamara__joy and I are having way too much fun on this beautiful island, crazy how a sorority can come together after a year of bull *** media and poor choice among men #mafs #bali @ ba .zic bikinis. “

What is Dan Webb doing as a real job?

Dan is a former rugby player. It is not known what his current job is. However, he was embroiled in a lawsuit in which he was accused of being involved in a drafting Telemarketing scams.

What is Tamara Joy’s job at MAFS Australia?

Tamara Joy is a professional Instagram influencer and an Australian celebrity. Since joining MAFS Australia, she had had a nose job.

Before the show, she worked as an administrator.

She regularly advertises cosmetic products and clinics on her official Instagram account.

How can I see MAFS Australia in the UK?

Married at First Sight Australia is on the E4 at 7.30pm on Mondays.

Alternatively, you can stream past episodes and entire seasons with the All4 app.

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