What happened to his secret son Jonathan?

Sir Tom Jones is the break-out star for Celebrity Gogglebox on Channel 4.

But did you know that She’s A Lady’s hitmaker also has an estranged son?

Tom, 81, has two sons, but they are rarely mentioned.

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His eldest son, Mark Woodward, 64, is the only child from Tom’s marriage to late wife Melinda Trenchard.

But Mark also has a half-sibling, Jonathan Berkery, now 33 years old.

However, they are not believed to be in contact, nor is Tom supposed to have a great relationship with his younger son.

So what happened And why are they alienated? We take a look …

Sir Tom Jones is on Celebrity Gogglebox with singer Anne Marie (Image: Channel 4)

Who is Tom Jones’ Youngest Child?

Tom Jones youngest child is Jonathan Berkery.

It was the result of a short-lived affair between then-married Tom and 24-year-old model Katherine Berkery.

Their relationship began in 1987 and is said to have lasted only a few days.

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However, Katherine became pregnant and later gave birth to their son, Jonathan.

Although a DNA test in 1989 proved Jonathan was his son, Tom refused to raise the matter publicly for decades.

In fact, it wasn’t until 2008 that Tom confirmed that he was the father with the release of a new music album.

Tom Jones on his estranged son
Tom Jones said he felt “tricked” by his son’s mother (Image Credit: SplashNews)

What did Tom Jones say about his son?

During a press conference, Tom said, “I wasn’t planning that. If I had planned it, I would have done a little more than just financially. But it wasn’t … I was really being tricked. I just fell for it. “

Then he added, “I just fell for the seduction.”

According to court records, Tom gave his son £ 1,700 a month in support until he turned 18.

The Welsh pop singer is valued at around £ 187 million.

Sir Tom Jones and Mark Woodward
Tom is said to be very close to his son Mark Woodward (Image credit: SplashNews)

Have Tom Jones and Jonathan Berkery ever met?

Tom Jones and Jonathan Berkery are said to never have met in person.

Jonathan said he grew up hoping his father would get in touch, but that he only ever provided financial support.

In an interview with the Daily mailJonathan said he went through tough times as an adult.

And had even been homeless for several years.

In 2013 Jonathan said, “It all goes back to my father. I think I haven’t noticed for a long time, but I was an angry child who screamed for a father. “

Today he is a musician himself and still hopes that one day his father will get in touch.

What is Tom Jones’ son doing?

Tom Jones’ eldest son is Mark Woodward.

He has been Tom’s music and career manager since the death of his former manager Gordon Mills in 1986.

Mark is often credited with reinvigorating his father’s ailing career and continuing to help his father stay in the spotlight in recent years.

Tom and Mark are only 17 years old and are often compared in appearance.

They should be very close and have houses close by.

Mark and Jonathan are also said to never have met in person.

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