What happened to Joe Tate and where is he now?

Emmerdale character Joe Tate has been out of screen since 2019, but his presence is always in the background.

Fans often believe he is involved in conspiracies from afar and is still interested in stirring up trouble even though he no longer lives in the Dales.

So who is Joe Tate? What happened to him? Where is he now? And did he die?

Here’s everything you need to know about Emmerdale’s Joe Tate …

Who are his parents

Young Joe with his aunt Zoe and father Chris Tate (Image: ITV / Shutterstock)

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Joseph Tate was born on June 8, 1995 to Chris Tate and his wife Rachel Hughes.

Joe was named after Rachel’s stepfather, Joe Sugden.

Two years after his birth, Joe’s parents divorced and his mother Rachel took custody of the little boy.

However, shortly before Joe’s fourth birthday, Rachel was pushed off a cliff to her death by her new psycho boyfriend, Graham Clark.

After his mother’s death, young Joe moved in with his father, Chris. When his father later married Charity Dingle, Joseph decided to go to boarding school.

After Chris committed suicide in 2003, custody of Joseph was transferred to his aunt Zoe Tate.

In 2005, Joseph left the village with Zoe and their young daughter, Jean.

Joe has a younger half-brother, Noah, whose father was also Chris Tate.

When did Joe Tate return to Emmerdale?

Joe fooled everyone in the village that he was businessman Tom Waterhouse (Image: ITV)

In 2017 Joe returned to the village under the pseudonym Tom Waterhouse after a 12 year absence.

Tom – along with his loyal pal Graham Foster – planned to lure Charity and Debbie Dingle into their seedy businesses.

Debbie soon fell in love with ‘Tom’ and soon the two were involved in a relationship. ‘Tom’ even bought Debbie a house and helped her through her daughter Sarah Sugden’s life-threatening illness.

However, Debbie was devastated when Tom revealed his true identity – he was actually Charity’s ex-stepson, Joe Tate!

His romance with Debbie had all been a ruse to get revenge on Charity because he believed she was the one who drove his father Chris to suicide.

Debbie was devastated by Joe’s betrayal and swore she would take revenge, while Charity also vowed to make Joe pay for messing with her family.

How is Joe Tate related to Kim Tate?

No love is lost with step-grandma Kim! (Photo credit: ITV)

Kim was married to Joe’s grandfather, Frank Tate, which made her his step-grandmother.

Kim was in jail for fraud when Joe returned to the village – but it later turned out that she was indeed the mastermind behind his plan to get revenge on Charity and the dingles, and Joe had merely carried out her bids.

Joe had made everyone believe he owned the Emmerdale Home Farm, along with the rest of the Tate fortune. But Kim was actually in control of the whole estate, and Joe was just a farmer in their evil games.

When Kim was released from jail, she was furious to learn that Joe had not followed her instructions and had actually wasted her money.

Kim demanded that Joe be permanently rid of and ordered her henchman Graham Foster to kill him! Her instructions really tested Graham’s loyalty, forcing him to decide whether he cared more about her … or Joe.

What was his relationship with Graham?

Graham was a father figure to Joe (Image: ITV)

When Graham and Joe first arrived in the village together, it was unclear what the exact nature of their relationship was. While Graham appeared to be just a paid employee, their friendship obviously went much deeper.

It was later revealed that the couple met while Joe was in boarding school. Graham was the school groundskeeper who developed a close bond with the mischievous teenager Joe.

After Joe got into trouble for locking his headmaster in a closet, his aunt Zoe Graham made the boy’s guardian to prevent his deportation.

The couple remained close, and when Joe left school and started his own business, he hired Graham as his right-hand man.

Graham seemed like a surrogate father to Joe and stood by him in many difficult situations. However, Graham often questioned Joe’s actions – especially the way he treated Debbie – and the couple often got beat up.

It was later revealed that Graham actually worked for Kim Tate – and his loyalty was tested when she ordered him to get rid of Joe for good.

Is Joe Tate Dead?

Viewers believed Joe was dead after Cain hit him (Image credit: ITV)

After Kim ordered Graham to get rid of Joe for good, Graham faced a dilemma – would he really continue killing Joe?

He was ready to do the deed until his conscience conquered him. When Graham realized he couldn’t get away with it, he gave Joe 100,000 pounds and ordered him to leave the village for good.

Joe was ready to run and left his bride, Debbie, at the altar. But eventually he realized that he loved Debbie and wanted to be with her and decided to risk his own life to return and marry her.

However, he never got the chance. By this point, Cain had discovered that Joe had left Debbie at the altar, and he was furious. So mad that he tracked down Joe and hit him!

When Joe hit the ground, Cain panicked that he’d killed him. Graham confirmed Joe was dead and told Cain that he would dispose of the body – but when he was loading the body into the trunk of his car, viewers saw Joe’s hand twitch.

For months we believed Joe was six feet underground, and Cain was tormented by the belief that he had killed his daughter’s fiancé.

He eventually confessed his crimes to Debbie, which led to a major argument between the father and daughter.

In March 2019, Kim was shocked to find out that Joe was actually alive and that Monte Carlo was fine!

CCTV footage showed that Graham had helped him escape and forge a new identity. Kim ordered a hit man to look after him once and for all, but by that point Joe had already moved – and is currently still at large.

Is Joe Tate returning to Emmerdale?

Jamie and Joe work together (Image: ITV)

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There were frequent calls to bring Joe back to Emmerdale, most recently from Jamie Tate actor Alexander Lincoln.

With Jamie currently missing as dead, many fans are convinced he was faking it – could Joe have helped him?

They both hate Kim – could Joe return for revenge on his step-grandma?

The door is open, but whether he will come back remains to be seen …

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