What happened to Rana on Coronation Street? How did she die?

Rana Habeeb was on Coronation Street from 2016 to 2019. But what happened to her?

In today’s episode of ITV Soap (Monday March 29), Imran Toyah said social services had agreed that Kelly could be placed with them.

The couple later took Kelly out to celebrate their move in. Kelly soon apologized to Imran for her father’s involvement in his sister’s death.

Rana is Imran’s sister (Image Credit: ITV / Shutterstock)

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But he assured her that he would not judge her. What did Rick have to do with Rana’s death?

Rana in Coronation Street: Who is she?

Rana was the daughter of Hassan and Saira Habeeb. She is also Imran’s sister.

Rana married Zeedan Nazir in 2016, but it wasn’t long before she started an affair with Kate Connor.

Rana and Kate were due to get married in June 2019 (Image Credit: ITV / Shutterstock)

After separating from Zeedan, Rana and Kate planned to get married in 2019.

Rana on Coronation Street: how did she die?

Rana was supposed to marry Kate in March 2019. The couple were preparing for their big day, but Rana had to go to the Underworld Factory to pick up her bag.

But at the time the factory workers were protesting, and Sally and her sister Gina were up on the roof. When the two sisters started arguing, Sally fell through the roof and the roof fell on the clerks.

Rana died when the factory roof collapsed (Photo credit: ITV)

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At the time, Rana was in the office and at first nobody noticed that she was in the factory. Emergency services tried to reach them, but more debris fell to Rana.

Finally, Kate was allowed to enter the building to be by Rana’s side. But Rana died of her injuries, leaving Kate, Imran and their best friend Alya devastated.

How did Rick participate in her death?

Eventually it was revealed that someone had tampered with the factory roof, but it was not disclosed who.

Before the collapse, Carla had hired Gary Windass to carry out minor repairs to the roof after the boat fire that took place right outside the factory.

But Gary told Carla he found out the roof was structurally unsafe after Pat Phelan did a botched job.

Gary was the one in charge of the factory roof (Credit: ITV)

He recommended major repairs, but Carla was concerned about the cost and insisted that they put the major repairs on hold until they could afford it.

After Rana’s death, Carla began struggling with her sanity, blaming herself for what happened to her sister’s fiancé.

However, it later emerged that the roof collapse was caused by Gary. Gary had been fighting for money and needed the work, so he damaged the roof to get the job.

But it failed when the whole roof fell down. In June 2019, three months after the factory roof, Gary killed loan shark Rick Neelan.

Gary pinned the roof collapse to Rick (Credit: ITV)

Gary’s involvement

When people questioned Rick’s disappearance, Gary told Rick’s daughter Kelly that her father fled the country to escape the police.

Gary later put the collapse of the factory roof on Rick. He claimed he owed a lot of money to Rick, who was a loan shark, and when he couldn’t repay it, Rick took revenge on him by damaging the factory roof, knowing that Gary was working on it.

What Imran doesn’t know, however, is that Gary was the one who damaged the roof and it actually had nothing to do with Rick.

Will the truth ever come out?

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