What happened to the couples from the first season of Too Hot To Handle?

Season 1 of Too Hot To Handle set the standard high when it came to misbehaving on the Netflix show in Paradise.

The cast were tasked with keeping their hands off each other despite the heightened sexual energy, and didn’t last long until they were left out after losing their $ 100,000 prize month.

And with season two featuring a brand new cast and an even sexier location in Turks and Caicos, the frenzy will happen again.

But what have the original cast been doing with Lana since their time? Did the couples that formed on the show form last?

Prior to the season two release, the cheeky possums who dominated the reality show’s final run did this.

Francesca’s and Harry’s relationship was tumultuous on and off screen (Credit: Netflix)

Harry Jowsey and Francesca Farago

Harry and Francesca have undoubtedly earned their reputation as the naughtiest members of Too Hot To Handle season one.

Unable to keep their hands off each other, the couple spent a lot of money getting horny.

Perhaps somewhat surprisingly, after their time on the series, the couple tried to try it out, date each other for a year, and even get matching tattoos.

They then split around the time the show aired, and things quickly turned sour when the two toasted each other online.

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He even threatened to sue Francesca for “damaging his reputation”.

Francesca dated Towie star Demi Sims, with the girls moving in just a month after dating.

Too hot to deal with season 1
Francesca and Harry were in and out after their time at the mansion (Credit: Netflix)

However, the cyclone didn’t last and they parted in early 2021.

Harry doesn’t seem to have been publicly affiliated with anyone, instead enjoying a party boy lifestyle with friends like Tiger King’s Dillon Passage.

But then, in the biggest U-turn surprise, there was another attempt in May 2021.

It didn’t last, however, and Harry has stated on the record that they are now probably done forever.

We will see…

Too hot to touch - Rhonda and Sharron
Sharron and Rhonda tried but it didn’t work (Credits: Netflix)

Rhonda Paul and Sharron Townsend

Of all the couples that got together on the series, Rhonda and Sharron were the couple who looked like they’d make it.

Staying (mostly) true to the experiment, the couple were eventually rewarded with special time for themselves after achieving “emotional intimacy”.

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Rhonda, mother of one, also shared her fears about a new relationship and how it would affect her son.

Unfortunately, it just shouldn’t be.

In the reunion special, an emotional Rhonda revealed they had gone their separate ways.

“We fell off a bit and cut our communications,” Sharron said later.

Nicole O’Brien and Bryce Hirschberg

This couple is one we didn’t see coming, with Nicole and Bryce flirting but nothing else on the show.

Nicole even seemed inseparable from David Birtwistle during the show.

However, after they left, they got to know each other better and Bryce confirmed that he had “a long-distance relationship” with the Irish girl.

But the Ireland-Florida divide was clearly too big to be serious, and the coronavirus lockdown essentially sealed their fate.

They split up before things get too serious but remain good friends – and he even brought the gang together last summer to party on his yacht.

Too Hot To Handle returns to Netflix on June 23rd.

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