What happens Monday, October 18, 2021

Coronation Street spoilers for tonight reveal that Nina discovered Abi’s plot.

Meanwhile, the sinkhole causes chaos on the cobblestones, Harvey escapes the prison and Dev has to make a difficult decision after a horror smash.

All of this and more in Coronation Street episodes today.

Coronation Street spoilers: Nina finds out about Abi’s plan

Abi goes to Coreys and finds the police there (Image credit: ITV)

Debbie makes last minute preparations for her horror house event. The carter drops beer kegs at the beer tent.

Nobody notices that as each barrel lands, a tiny amount of earth loosens from the Platts sinkhole.

The storm begins to blow.

Meanwhile, Abi watches an Instagram video of Corey packing for Germany and puts a gun in her pocket.

Nina soon discovers what she’s up to. Abi goes to Corey’s house and is shocked to find the police there. But why are they there and who called them?

Abi is following Corey on Horroration Street (Image: ITV)

At the House of Horrors event, the music is suddenly interrupted when Ryan looks out of the tent in a panic through the rain.

He and Debbie soon realize that the generator is gone and that there is a hole in the ground where it once stood.

Abi sets out to find Corey, but it turns out to be tricky with everyone in masks.

Eventually she finds him and confronts him.

As he pokes her, she prepares to pull the trigger if the ground gives way beneath them.

Abi and Corey soon find themselves in a Victorian sewer, unaware that the gun is on the floor halfway between them.

Harvey escapes prison

The prison car crashes into the back of the Alahan’s car (Image: ITV)

Harvey is intentionally injured in prison and demands to go to the hospital.

Asha and Aadi set off on their journey via Weatherfield Dev, but as the storm worsens, they get lost on a country road and their path is blocked by a fallen tree.

On the same lane, the guard in the prison car pulls a knife and the car steers into the Alahan’s standing car.

Harvey pulls himself out of the van into the torrential rain and prepares to escape.

Harvey escapes jail (Image: ITV)

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Kevin soon drives to the crash site, but is attacked by Harvey, who steals his pickup.

When smoke seeps into the car, Dev has to decide whether to help Asha or Aadi.

Believing Asha is in greater danger, he goes to her aid and pulls her away from the car just before it explodes.

Meanwhile, in the bistro, Leanne, who is disguised as Morticia, is across from Harvey.

Carla has news for Jenny

Carla tells Jenny that Johnny is leaving (Image: ITV)

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Johnny tells Carla that he is going to Bali to be with Kate. Later, Carla brings Jenny the news that Johnny is moving to Bali and leaves her stunned.

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