What happens Monday, September 27, 2021

Coronation Street spoilers for tonight reveal David reporting Daniel to the police.

Meanwhile, Sabeen wants Imran’s help with Harvey’s appeal process, and Gail arranges a surprise for Audrey.

All of this and more in today’s Coronation Street episode.

Coronation Street spoilers: Daniel supposed to go to jail after David reported him to the police?

David reports Daniel to the police (Photo credit: ITV)

David reports Daniel to the school for attacking Max.

Daniel will soon be called to a meeting with the assistant director. He apologizes for grabbing Max’s jacket, but refuses to take back the allegation about the stolen wallet.

David explains that Daniel should be fired and if the school doesn’t respond, he will.

When Shona refuses to support David, the couple get into an argument.

Meanwhile, Crawshaw advises Daniel to calm David down instead of throwing his career away.

In the corner shop, a bank card that Max tries to use is rejected, which makes Dev suspicious.

Daniel is horrified to hear that David reported him to the police for attacking Max.

Dev later tells David about the declined debit card and David downplays it, pretending to have loaned his card to Max.

When he sees Max, he lets go of him.

While Dev chats about Max, David and the bank card in the store, Daniel listens.

Later, Summer is disappointed when Daniel tells her that he can no longer teach her because he has been suspended.

Coronation Street spoilers: Sabeen turns to Imran for help

Will Imran help Sabeen? (Photo credit: ITV)

Sabeen asks Imran to join her on a lucrative appeal, but he is stunned to see the defendant’s name is Harvey Gaskell.

Imran refuses, but Sabeen reminds him of what he did the night Kelly was sentenced and tells him to reconsider.

Imran fears being blackmailed.

Sabeen hides her surprise when Imran holds onto his gun and refuses to play any role in trying to free Harvey and says he belongs in jail.

Gail arranges a surprise for Audrey

Gail has an idea (Image: ITV)

Deeply hurt by Rita’s infidelity, Audrey accuses Gail, Claudia of laughing at her behind her back.

Audrey explains her feelings of redundancy to Shona and is touched by her comforting words.

Gail later plans a belated birthday dinner to lighten Audrey’s mood and invites Rita over.

Roy encourages Nina

Roy encourages Nina (Image: ITV)

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While Asha raves about her studies, Roy encourages Nina to find an outlet for her creative talents.

Aggie and Ed admit the truth to James

James is shocked to learn the truth (Image credit: ITV)

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Danny listens to hear Ed tell Paul that they have a cash flow problem at the farm.

James is confused knowing that his ad has been a lot busier lately.

He wants to know what’s going on and Aggie reveals that Grace forced her to give her her house and do the renovations for free if they want to keep seeing Glory.

James is stunned by her revelation.

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