What happens on Monday, June 7th, 2021

EastEnders spoilers for tonight reveal stinging horror in Albert Square.

Meanwhile, Violet and Rainie clash, and Lola notices changes in Isaac.

All of this and more in the EastEnders tonight.

EastEnders Spoiler: Phil has a suggestion

Phil has a suggestion for Kat (Credit: BBC)

After Callum asked Callum to quit his job, Callum tells Ben that he will think about it. But deep down he is torn.

Over at the Slater’s house, an unsuspecting Phil isn’t happy to see two cops there as he takes the worst on Callum.

But Kat tells Phil that she was mugged but he was too busy to listen and orders him to leave.

Phil later apologizes to Kat and says he has a suggestion for her – he saw the laundromat is rented out and wants them to run it together.

Fitzy is stabbed to death

Callum is horrified when his colleague is stabbed (Image: BBC)

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Later, Callum and Fitzy discover the mugger Kat described.

They hunt him down, but the mugger stabs Fitzy. Will he be fine?

Violet and Rainie meet

Violet is causing trouble for Rainie (Image: BBC)

Vi criticizes Rainie’s parenthood together, while Stuart tries to tell his mother about her surrogacy plans, but Rainie refuses.

Vi continues to dig for Rainie, and Rainie begs Stuart to get her out.

Later at the Vic, Vi tells Stuart that she knows Rainie isn’t her biggest fan and she’s surprised to learn of Rainie’s checkered past.

But before Stuart can ask his mother to move out, Vi discovers Honey and has an idea …

Ruby makes a deal with Lily

Ruby makes a deal with Lily (Credit: BBC)

Martin worries that Arthur will miss his older sister Lily, but Ruby reminds him that they can’t give in to Lily.

At the cafe, he asks Lily to move back in, but she says she is happy to be living with Jean.

Ruby overhears Lola on the phone and asks if she has any tips on how to deal with her stepdaughter.

Ruby follows Lola’s advice and makes a deal with Lily.

Lola notices a change in Isaac

Lola notices a change in Isaac (Credit: BBC)

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Meanwhile, Isaac snaps at Lola and is distracted again. But Lola attributes it to his worries about his students.

However, he quickly changes his melody and invites Lola for a drink without realizing that she has registered the small changes in him.

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EastEnders will air on BBC One tonight (June 7th) at 8:05 p.m.

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