What happens on Monday, June 7th, 2021

Emmerdale spoilers for tonight show Jimmy will hear his request.

Meanwhile, Wendy tries to reunite Victoria and Robert, and Jamie discovers Kim’s hidden camera.

All of this and more in Emmerdale today.

Emmerdale Spoiler: Mandy tries to change Jimmy’s mind

Jimmy has his plea hearing (Credit: ITV)

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Little did Nicola know that it was Jimmy’s plea hearing today and cannot attend, leaving them farther apart than ever.

When Mandy hears Jimmy plead guilty, she is determined to change his mind.

Wendy is determined to reunite Robert and Victoria

Emmerdale Robert
Wendy plans to reunite Victoria and Robert (Image: ITV)

Last week, Luke told Wendy that in 2019 he told Lee about his new relationship with a man named Stephen.

However, Lee eventually attacked Luke and after punching him, Luke retaliated and pushed Lee.

Lee finally fell over and hit his head. But just hours later, Robert Sugden hit Lee on the head with a shovel and Lee later died in the hospital.

Tonight, after talking to Victoria, Wendy wants to try to reunite her with Robert.

On Main Street, Ethan shows no regret that he whistled Luke on to Wendy.

Ethan is intrigued when Wendy asks his help with something important.

Wendy soon asks Ethan to find out if the information could help Robert, who is in prison for life.

Meanwhile, Luke realizes that he may have helped kill his brother, and Wendy begins to regret opening that painful can of worms.

Kim confides in Jamie

Jamie finds Kim’s camera (Image: ITV)

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When Will Kim makes a business proposal, her suspicions about his motives return.

Meanwhile, Jamie soon accidentally discovers Kim’s hidden camera.

A frightened Kim confides in Jamie that the surveillance is because someone has drugged her.

Jamie is hurt that Kim suspects him.

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Emmerdale continues this evening (June 7th) at 7pm on ITV.

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