What happens on Saturday, June 5th, 2021

Victim spoilers for tonight reveal Lev’s anger has flared up.

Meanwhile, after an argument, Tina finds a way to win Jacob’s affection, and Robyn meets an old friend.

All of this and more in tonight’s dual accident insurance.

Accident Spoiler: Episode One

Lev loses his temper

Lev’s anger flares (Image: BBC)

Lev feels like he can open up about his sexuality and his relationship with Xander.

But it quickly becomes clear that he doesn’t feel comfortable being gay.

When he and Xander go out, Lev soon gets into trouble and his anger flares up.

Ethan thinks about his future

Ethan thinks about the future (Credit: BBC)

Meanwhile, Ethan is forced to ponder his family’s future after losing control of his hand during the operation.

A strange encounter for Charlie

Who is the patient who claims to know Charlie? (Credit: BBC)

Charlie is recognized by a patient but has no idea who she is.

She insists that they have been in contact recently, but apparently he doesn’t remember her at all.

Episode two

Jacob in danger?

Tina tries to regain Jacob’s affection (Image: BBC)

Tina asks Jacob if she can move into his apartment and he admits that he is not ready for this type of commitment.

During her shift, Tina meets Dean who has Parkinson’s disease but is self-treating.

Tina later thinks she sees Jacob flirting with Jade and in retaliation, she flirts with Matthew in front of Jacob to make him jealous.

But it doesn’t work and she is soon humiliated by Jacob in resus. Tina is unsure of their relationship.

Tina makes a plan to get his attention back.

Is Jacob in danger? (Credit: BBC)

Meanwhile, Dean’s girlfriend Maya confronts him about his daring approach to his illness.

It will soon be hot and Jade asks Tina if she should call security.

But Tina senses a chance to win Jacob’s affection back. Tina declines the offer and goes into the cabin alone with Dean.

She tells him he deserves to be alone while his condition worsens and Dean soon turns violent.

He throws things at her, causing her to fall and scream at Jacob.

Jacob later agrees to let Tina move in and she is delighted with the result. But Jacob is unaware of their manipulation.

Could he be in danger?

Robyn is seeing an old friend again

Paul and Robyn are reunited with an old friend (Image: BBC)

Robyn is excited to discover Paul, the new receptionist at ED, and it becomes clear that there is a story.

But is Paul really as nice as he seems?

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Tonight (June 5th) Casualty will air at 8:40 p.m. and 9:20 p.m. on BBC One.

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