What happens on Thursday, October 14th, 2021

Emmerdale spoilers for tonight reveal Kim is making a decision on what to do with Will.

Meanwhile, Bernice makes a decision about her future and Rishi accuses Charles of stealing Manpreet.

All of this and more in today’s episodes of Emmerdale.

Emmerdale Spoiler: Kim reports Will to the police?

Will Kim report Will to the police? (Photo credit: ITV)

In the aftermath of last night (Wednesday October 13), Will panicked when Kim agreed to allow the survival challenge to take place on Home Farm land.

Knowing that Malone’s body might be discovered, Will Kim confessed that a body was buried on the home farm floor.

Tonight Will is preparing to flee Emmerdale.

Meanwhile, Kim makes a decision about what to do with Will and makes up her mind to act on her decision.

Gabby, Diane and Bernice want to leave the village

Diane and Gabby tell Bernice about their move plan (Image credit: ITV)

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Gabby and Diane meet Bernice at the Woolpack, and Bernice is shocked to learn of Diane’s plan to move to Portugal.

Later, Diane and Gabby are thrilled when Bernice suggests they move to Portugal.

However, they remind her to keep quiet about Gabby’s plan to move.

Rishi accuses Charles of stealing Manpreet

Rishi blames Charles for leaving Manpreet (Image credit: ITV)

In the aftermath of last night, Manpreet confessed to Rishi that she did not love him.

Tonight, Rishi accuses Charles of stealing Manpreet and Charles is shocked by his accusation.

Meena later tries to convince Manpreet to meet Charles even though he is with Andrea.

Andrea and Charles sign up for the survival challenge

Andrea is furious (Image credit: ITV)

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Meanwhile, Andrea suggests to Charles that the two of them face the challenge of survival in order to escape the thought of Kim’s custody battle over Millie.

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