What happens on Tuesday, June 1st, 2021

Holby City spoilers for tonight reveal the day of Max’s surgery.

Meanwhile, Ange and Josh’s relationship deepens, and Kian convinces Andrei to return to the hospital for an operation

But will it be enough to keep Andrei from leaving again?

All of this and more in Holby City today.

Holby City Spoiler: Max’s Op in Danger?

Max’s operation is hit by a problem (Credit: BBC)

Max is devastated when Treve informs her that she is anemic. This means that her breast reconstruction cannot be done after her mastectomy.

Max then decides not to have the operation done at all until her memories of Essie give her food for thought.

And how will Louis react? Get the handkerchiefs ready, because there are very emotional scenes on the way …

A terrible discovery

Andrei is in bad shape (Image: BBC)

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After convincing Andrei to undergo the surgery he needs, Kian is unaware of the consequences of his actions.

And when Evie finds Andrei suffering in the basement, the effects seem inevitable – and could bring Kian down.

An angry Fletch insists that Lucky follow the protocol and reports to Andrei before taking matters into his own hands.

Dom holds out his hand

Will Dom be satisfied with having usurped Sacha? (Image credit: BBC)

After taking the throne as acting clinical director, Dom appears increasingly isolated after declining to support Ange.

Turning off Sacha may not have hardened him completely, however.

And during a conversation with Louise about family and friends, Dom realizes that he may have made the wrong decision and turns to Hanssen.

Communication problems from Ange and Josh

Does Ange know what she wants? (Image credit: BBC)

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Josh talks to Ange about the future without her knowing that Chloe has shown interest in him. Josh makes it clear, however, that someone else could be on stage.

An angry Ange seems to let go of Josh – before finally admitting that she doesn’t want Josh to see other people.

However, how will Dom and Chloe react if they catch the secret couple at work?

Lucky’s dilemma

Kian’s future hangs by a thread (Credit: BBC)

Since Fletch hardly offers any alternative, Lucky Andrei has to report to the social welfare office.

But while Kian is delighted with Andreis’ condition, he has no idea what will happen to him. Lucky can hardly take her guilt – but is there any other option she could choose?

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Holby City will air tonight (May 25th) at 7:50 p.m. on BBC One.

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