What happens on Wednesday, June 9th, 2021

Emmerdale spoilers for tonight reveal Jimmy drops a bomb on Nicola.

Meena does her best to pull Charles and Andrea apart. Will your plan work out?

All of this and more in today’s episode of Emmerdale.

Emmerdale spoilers: Jimmy drops a bomb on Nicola

Jimmy tells Nicola that he wants to move out (Image: ITV)

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On Tuesday, June 8th episode of Emmerdale yesterday, Jimmy came back from court.

He soon spoke to Mandy and eventually confessed that his feelings for her ran deeper than friendship.

Jimmy later told his wife Nicola that he pleaded not guilty in court.

Tonight, Mandy urges Jimmy to fight for his marriage. However, when Jimmy tips over into an argument between Juliette and Nicola, it doesn’t help when Jimmy appears to take Juliette’s side.

Later, Jimmy says he wants to move out and Nicolas’ world collapses around them.

Are they over for good?

Meena interferes in the relationship between Charles and Andreas

Meena tries to sow doubt in Andrea and Charles (Image credit: ITV)

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Last night, Meena discovered that Andrea and Charles were planning a camping trip.

Tonight, Meena is doing her best to keep Andrea from going camping with Charles.

Meanwhile, Gabby is annoyed when Andrea comes to the home farm with her dog Princess to get Millie’s sleeping bag for the camping trip.

However, the Princess ends up staining Gabby’s purse, leaving her unimpressed.

Soon, Meena catches Charles outside of church after waiting for him to sow doubts about his dating Andrea.

She says that Andrea soon introduced another father figure into Millie’s life.

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Emmerdale continues tonight (June 9th) at 7pm on ITV.

Emmerdale airs on ITV at 7pm on weekdays with an additional episode on Thursdays at 8pm.

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