What happens Tuesday, October 12, 2021

EastEnders spoilers for tonight reveal Tommy wants to know where Michael is buried.

Meanwhile, Janine is determined to prove herself to Scarlett, and Chelsea takes a pregnancy test.

All of this and more in today’s episode of EastEnders.

EastEnders Spoiler: Tommy wants answers

Tommy wants answers about Michael (Credit: BBC)

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Recently, Kat told Tommy the truth – Alfie is not his birth father, Alfie’s cousin Michael is. That makes Tommy and Scarlett half-siblings.

Tonight, Jean makes Tommy open up and tells her he wants to know where his birth father Michael is buried.

Kat finally gets Tommy to talk.

Kat soon realizes why he’s been so noticeable since the fire and storms out to look for Janine.

Janine is determined to prove herself

Janine wants to help Scarlett (Image: BBC)

Meanwhile, Scarlett’s school project is ruined by Bert and Ernie, so she asks Janine if her deaf friends will give a lecture at school instead.

Janine is determined to prove herself, so she turns to Frankie for help again and later gives a presentation to Scarlett’s class.

At the Vic, Scarlett is in awe of the party Frankie was throwing with Janine’s “friends,” but things quickly turn sour when Kat arrives.

Kim won’t let Vincent go

Phil shows Denise something (Credit: BBC)

On the episode last night (Monday October 12), Kim overheard a taxi booking for Vince Hubbard, who bears the same name as her husband, who disappeared in 2018.

She managed to track down Vince, but was disappointed to find it wasn’t her husband.

However, she noticed that Vince had Vincent’s wallet. When Phil learns that Kim is trying to find her husband, he tells Kim’s sister, Denise, that he is dead.

Kim thinks about it with Denise and Jack tonight, but Denise tries to get her to let it go.

Later, Phil is upset that Kim is still interested in Vincent. He decides to show Denise something.

Chelsea pregnant?

Is Chelsea pregnant? (Image credit: BBC)

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Meanwhile, Chelsea nervously pulls out a pregnancy test.

Whitney later notices the pregnancy test in Chelsea’s pocket and hides her shock.

Is Chelsea pregnant with Gray’s child?

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