What happens Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Coronation Street spoilers for tonight reveal that Natasha plans to go to the police about Sam’s kidnapping.

Meanwhile, Elaine worries about Cathy and Steve tries to get Curtis right.

All of this and more on Coronation Street today.

Coronation Street Spoiler: Natasha Goes To The Police?

Will Natasha tell the police about Sam’s abduction? (Photo credit: ITV)

Nick confides in David and Shona that Sam’s ordeal wasn’t an accident, it was orchestrated by Harvey.

Nick calls Leanne and explains that he will not return to the hideout as Sam is in danger.

But when Natasha learns of Sam’s abduction by Shona, she is furious and storms into 8th place.

She tells Nick to call the police and tell them the truth.

Natasha tells Nick if you don’t go to the police she will do it for you.

Shona finds Natasha in the police station waiting room and asks her to reconsider. She points out that by involving the police, she will put Sam even more at risk.

Elaine and Cathy leave Yasmeen’s house

Is Cathy okay? (Photo credit: ITV)

Yasmeen is relieved when Ryan catches the mouse. But the hunt for the rodent unearthed a mountain of boxes.

Roy tells Elaine about Cathy’s hoarding problem.

When Cathy realizes that Elaine and Brian are searching their room, Cathy has to admit to Brian that her hoarding is getting out of hand again and she is ashamed.

Tim is disappointed to find out that Elaine is moving out of Yasmeen.

Tim shows his mother in # 4 and explains to Sally that he invited her to live with them. How will Sally react?

Cathy tells Yasmeen that she is moving out too, as it is time to go home and get her life back on track.

Yasmeen admits that she will miss them and they are wonderful friends.

Steve apologizes to Curtis

Emma and Steve run (Credit: ITV)

Steve tells Emma that he wants to help with Curtis.

Curtis and Steve later meet and Steve apologizes for his behavior.

When Curtis reveals he’s having an interview at the bistro, Steve offers him some pointers.

Steve and Emma conducted Curtis through a mock interview. When he reveals that he is training to be a doctor, Emma faints and Steve is impressed.

Later, an upbeat Curtis calls the Rovers and tells Emma and Steve that they thank you for their help – he got the job.

Will Jenny kick Daisy out?

Will Jenny kick Daisy out? (Photo credit: ITV)

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Jenny confronts Daisy and tells her that she knows she tried to blackmail Ronnie. She wants her to move out.

A vulnerable Daisy explains to Jenny that her father remarried and had a baby and that it was clear that she was no longer wanted.

Will Jenny change her mind?

Evelyn hurt

Evelyn’s foot is injured (Image credit: ITV)

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Evelyn is determined to find Bernie in the store. She is further annoyed when she slips and falls on a spilled salad dressing.

When she clutches her foot in pain, Evelyn threatens to sue Bernie and Dev for criminal negligence.

With her injured leg in a chair, Evelyn tells Dev and Bernie to talk about compensation.

Dev asks her to be sensible. An angry Bernie moans at Dev that she’s not happy to be with Evelyn and call.

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