What is a Tipsi Tray?

The Dragons are gathering in their den tonight and ready to invest in new playing fields – how will the Tipsi Tray go down?

Has the Tipsi tray piqued your interest and you really want to know where to buy it?

Here’s everything you need to know about this week’s pitches …

The dragons are back (Credit: BBC One)

Dragons’ Den Pitches: The Wriggler

The last pitch of the episode – yes, we’re getting started wrong – is that of James and Aileen McCauley The wriggler.

As an anti-roll baby mat, the Irish couple presented the dragons with a cute product with a bear motif.

It puts its “arms” around the baby.

The idea is that it will keep a little one from rolling and sliding all over the place.

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The couple also built some clever knee pads into the mat.

These are not only used to make kneeling on the mat comfortable for mums and dads.

It also helps keep it in place securely.

Changing diapers no longer has to be a chore – especially when you’re dealing with a troubled baby.

Dragons' Den Tipsi Tray
The Tipsi Tray is a one-handed serving tray (Credit: BBC)

Dragons’ Den Tipsi Tray – what is it?

Entrepreneur Robert Simpson brings in his awesome looking product and declares that he runs an “innovative product design company”.

He then presents the Tipsi tray, a one-hand serving tray that makes it much easier to bring food and drinks to the table.

He demonstrates the product by waving three full glasses back and forth, and to the astonishment of the Dragons, not a drop is spilled.

Robert explains that his late grandfather used a similar design and that it helped him around the house.

And now he wants to take it to the rest of the world, explaining that it can be used in both the household and the hospitality industry.

Crucially, Robert also says that the US retail giant Home Shopping Network has already placed an order.

Will the Dragons be impressed enough to offer Robert their money on a silver platter, or will his £ 50,000 for 10 percent stake demand be too much?

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Where can I buy the Tipsi tray?

The Tipsi Tray is available from Amazon.

The website costs £ 34.99, the website says that it “can be carried with a single hand, so you can carry the nine drinks while holding a railing, opening a door, using a walking stick, all while remaining safer”.

It is also said that the tray is modeled after a traditional Turkish tray and has been redesigned for the modern age.

Dragons' Den Honest Mix
Theo Paphitis has a sip of Honest Blend Gin (Credit: BBC)

Playing field of the Drachenhöhle: honest mixture

Buckingham-based Deborah Lockheart presents the dragons with a hodgepodge of environmentally friendly products.

Organic, sustainable and fair trade, Deborah’s products range from loose tea and gin to bottled water and hand disinfectants.

She tells the Dragons that she started the range by making her own tea and then moved on to what she calls “extensive range”.

Deborah wants £ 50,000 for 10 percent of her business.

Dragons' Den puts on air-raid vests
Sara Davies tries on one of the vests (Credit: BBC)

Dragon Cave Playfield: AirVest Ltd

Father-daughter duo Peter Riley and Zara Dixon are next in the cave, admitting they have a relationship based on “constructive criticism”.

They present their range of airbag protective vests worn on the body for motorcyclists, cyclists and riders.

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Peter tells the Dragons that if they invested in their products, they would literally save lives.

After testing the product himself, Peter demands an investment of $ 75,000 in exchange for 7.5 percent of his business.

Episode 10 of Dragons’ Den airs tonight (Thursday June 3) at 8 p.m. on BBC One.

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