What is Claire Goose up to? Waking The Dead Star was a normal face on TV

Claire Goose is back on our TV screens tonight in the tropical detective drama Death In Paradise.

The former 90s pin-up will be featured in a rerun of the fourth season of the hit BBC show on Tuesday (June 22nd) – but who is she and how do you recognize her?

Actress Claire Goose is back on screens tonight (Photo credit: SplashNews.com)

Claire Goose’s TV resume

Claire first appeared on our screens in 1995 when she appeared on the ITV cop series The Bill. She then made a brief appearance on Eastenders before taking on her role as popular nurse Tina Seabrook in the medical drama Casualty.

The actress appeared on the prime-time show for three years and starred in 80 episodes. She received praise for her portrayal of the role and played difficult scenes, including a harrowing rape story.

Claire Goose as trauma nurse Tina Seabrook (Image: BBC)

Claire played her own lead role in the BBC crime series Waking The Dead as DC / DS Amelia Silver for two years.

In 2008 she also returned to The Bill, where she played Inspector Rachel Weston for two years.

In 2015, she was cast in the BBC Birmingham drama The Coroner, which starred until the show was canceled in 2017 – a shameful decision by Beeb as it was pretty awesome.

More recently, fans have been able to see Claire on the CityTV series Murdoch Mysteries, which featured Dr. Katherine Talbot played.

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What’s their dating history?

In the 90s, Claire and her Casualty co-star were a big IT couple. Both had a steady following of dreamy-eyed teenagers who had Smash Hits posters of them on the wall. They were basically the Posh and Becks of Saturday night television.

Claire split from her famous ex in the early 2000s (Photo Credit: Alucard / Flynet – SplashNews / SplashNews.com)

Unfortunately, as with all good things, their relationship ended and Claire married television producer Craig Woodrow in 2007.

The couple have two daughters, Amelia (11) and eight-year-old Eveline.

How old is Claire Goose?

Claire was born on February 10, 1975 in Ediburgh, Scotland, making her 46 years old. As a teenager she attended the famous performing arts school Italia Conti.

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What’s happening in Death In Paradise tonight?

Claire can be seen alongside Death In Paradise star Kris Marshall in today’s episode when a mysterious murder hits a surf school.

Claire plays the suspect Katie Peters. Former Hollyoaks actor Will Mellor and Eastenders’ Hetti Bywater also appear in the episode.

Will there be a new series of Death In Paradise soon?

Basically yes. While there’s no confirmed start date for the show to return, producers have confirmed that filming for season 11 is underway.

They published a teaser on Twitter with pictures of the actors Ralph Little and Shantol Jackson.

Death In Paradise Season 4, Episode 2 airs tonight (June 22nd) at 9 p.m. on BBC One.

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