What is depop? Katie Price makes £ 10,000 selling her old clothes on an app

Bankrupt Katie Price is said to have made “£ 10,000” from selling her old used clothes at Depop, but what is Depop?

And how can you use the app to pick up the wardrobe of a world-famous celebrity?

Earlier this week, Katie hit back a fan who commented on the star selling her used swimwear.

As a result, Katie replied that all items she offers for sale have been “washed and cared for”.

Katie is part of an army of stars who sell their clothes on Depop (Credit: Instagram)

What is depop?

Depop is a peer-to-peer social shopping app that many celebrities are now using to make a few extra pounds and move their old stuff.

After all, there is nothing worse than being in the same outfit twice, real girls!

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If you’re looking to buy something from the app, the process seems pretty straightforward.

Just find an item you love, hit buy, confirm your shipping address, and pay.

And as soon as Royal Mail allows, you’ll be wandering around in celebrity hand-me-downs!

What is Katie Price selling at Depop?

Katie has sold everything from t-shirts, loungewear and cardigans to worn-out bikinis, sports bras, jewelry and shoes.

The landing page states that the items are “new, old and loved, worn and owned by the only Katie Price”.

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In addition, a new drop of “100 Articles” will be posted on the website this Saturday (January 16) at 5 pm.

You can check out Katie’s goods Here.

How much money did Katie make from Depop?

It has been reported that the bankrupt star has so far made “£ 10,000” from selling her old clothes on the website.

Item was nicely packaged and the item is perfect – exactly as described!

It sounds like standing around in the cold with a boot sale on a rainy Sunday morning is definitely better!

Items cost only £ 5 for a pair of shorts.

A pair of designer Jimmy Choo shoes are available for £ 360 which is a fraction of their brand new price.

What have buyers said about items they’ve bought so far?

Katie has had glowing reviews on the site so far.

One happy buyer stated, “Everything is in pristine condition and well maintained.”

Another said: “Item was nicely packaged and the item is perfect – exactly as described!”

A third commented that they received a “surprise” with their order.

“Thanks for the eyelashes too, that was a nice surprise,” revealed the happy buyer.

ED! asked Katie’s agent for comment on this story.

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